Manic to Panic – Oh Cecilia (Born Ruffians cover)

Wow, this guy has an amazing voice.  He has a great range and is able to keep his voice nice and full no matter high or low. I also love the cadence that he’s singing those verses in. It’s great read more

Third Place – Don’t Stop

Loving the vocal style of this track! It’s got a lot of sarcasm and anger and I always like that. The guitar work is just fun as hell to listen to. It ranges from this grungy dirty style to a somewhat read more

Kondor – Hostage

I don’t ever really get any music like this. I mean I’ve had a few tracks come through that had a pop vibe to them, but this is different. This is like a pop R&B contemporary mashup of the best read more

Hedon – Annihilation

This particular song is one of those that is a bit out of my comfort zone, so it’s really fun to review. I don’t listen to a lot of thrashy, growly tracks so I always welcome the opportunity to read more

Strength In Shadows – War Machine

Ok, this song is nothing but fun from the get go. The guitar work is absolutely stellar, the drums are fast and thunderous. I’m in freaking love with the clean and dirty vocals. This is a fast and read more

Heart Impaled – Rotation

Wow this one just jumps right on in there and starts kicking your ass from the first note. Now that is what you need for your alarm clock! I would call this a driving pace but that doesn’t even seem read more

GutterLIFE – Pursuit Of Hopelessness

Thank you, thank you so much for making this song. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this track. It’s perfectly punk/metal! The guitar work is amazing. It’s fast and tight with just the right read more

Ian Clayton – We Take No Chances

There is something about Ian Clayton that makes me think of Tom Petty. That’s going in the win column right off the bat. It’s warm and rich but it has the bit of rough that makes it stand out. But read more

Ignotus Enthropya – Solid Silver

Awesome thrash music with seriously guttural growling! The music alone is enough to send any thrash metal enthusiast into a music coma, but when you add that vocal track its thrashy bliss! The guitar read more

The Plot In You – Superbeast (Rob Zombie Cover)

Oh holy fuck these guys can jam out a cover like no one’s business. I love the original song so much but honestly, this is how it needed to be done. That vocal style is exactly what this song was read more

Season of Ghosts – [Sarah’s theme] Come little children (ft. Zombie Sam)

I really love this style of theatrical music. I love reading books and listening to music that allow me to create a movie in my mind and Season of Ghosts gives me exactly that. The large scale production read more

Schemata Theory – A Complex Slate

I really loved just about everything about this song. Vocally there are some wicked awesome clean vocals backed by some equally sweet screaming style vocals. I even caught a few sustained notes that read more

Harmony of Silence – Standing on the Edge

Once again luck has struck and this song seems to be fitting my mood perfectly. I really love the clean female vocals especially when they are backed with those dirty male vocals! It gives this song read more

Trophy Lives – Icebergs, Pt. II

There is something about this song that is matching my mood right now. I little melancholy for some reason. Actually it’s reminding me a lot of HIM. This guy has the same vocal style that Ville Valo read more

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