Brett Vogel – Hallelujah

I love the original song so much that I tend to judge covers of it rather harshly. However I’m hard pressed to find anything wrong with this beautiful cover of a classic song. Brett’s voice seems read more

The Dead Sexy – Sleeping Beauty

Oh dear lord, I love this song! It’s some of my favorite styles all rolled up in one terrific song. There are vocal floaty moments, clean vocals, dirty vocals a double bass and awesome guitar riffs. read more

Sauerkraut Sandwich – Cats are cooler than Dogs

I don’t get a chance to review a lot of comedic songs, so when I stumble upon one I’m always exceedingly happy. The Sauerkraut Sandwich song slays me.  I had to go over it a couple of time because read more

Happy Accidents – Ataraxia

Now this feels like a good old fashioned ROCK song. Those vocals make me happy in all the right places. It’s like if you took Vince Neil from back in the day and brought him into today’s music this read more

Zombie Sam – Carol of the Bells

Back in the day (or A long time ago in a galaxy far away) when I as in school my favorite class was choir. I especially loved choir around the holidays and of all the songs we sang over the years Carol read more

Arson’s Harbor – Smallest Child

This my friends is a perfect guitar intro. There is no bad to be found and it only gets better when the vocals kick in. This guy has such an inviting voice. It takes you in and wraps you in its story. I can’t imagine it getting much better than that. The music is so comforting with the attention going to that guitar. I find it to be a very soothing song with a compelling story line, sublime vocal stylings and of course that perfect guitar line. There is a minimal drum track here that hangs out in the background holding everything together in perfect timing.

I can’t wait to listen to more Arson’s Harbor. I loved just about everything they had going on in this track. For the life of me I can’t imagine anyone not loving this song. I would put it on my server and in my phone happily. There is so much you could pair this up with to make a full playlist. I kept thinking Mumford and Sons, some of my favorite prog country bands like The Eagles, The Decemberists, I could go on and on but I’ll stop there. All in all if you don’t check out this track you really are only robbing yourself of a perfect song.


Who They Are:
Arson’s Harbor is an alternative rock band from Lynchburg, VA. Forming back in November 2013, the rock foursome started pra

cticing in a small suburban basement. With instruments in hand, Chad, Nathan, Clement,
read more

Madmartigan – Working on My Vertical Leap

I’m a huge fan of the movie “Willow” so I was excited as soon as Madmartigan came up on my radar. Somehow though though this song was really not what I was expecting. Not that I should have had expectations, but you know how it is. I really love the slow and methodical pacing to the track. It’s got some really awesome floaty aspects, especially that voice. It’s high and sweet and the guy can hold a note. The music is excellent, with some killer slow hand guitar work and minimal drum work. There were a number of times that I was able to easily spot the bass line (good job guys) and the combine work of the players is amazing. I really love a good floaty piece.

I will be getting this song. I want to put it on a list with some of my other favorite floaty songs. I really like a lot, especially when I’m in one of those moods. Other floaty songs that I really love come from bands like Red, Chevelle, Staind, some Stone Sour and now Madmartigan. I would share my playlist ideas with you, but I think I just did. Any who… check it out.


Who They Are:
Founded in 2011, the four piece band Madmartigan hails from Austin, Texas. Boasting a sound as uniquely alluring as their ci

read more

Just Another Traitor – Not The American Average (Asking Alexandria Cover)

So we are all square, I am not familiar with the Asking Alexandria version of this song. So I won’t be comparing the two works.

This song will wake you up in the morning. The intro kicks your ass right off the bat, I like that. There is so much going on in this track it’s hard to keep track of where I’m at in the review. There are some amazing screaming vocals that I would love to hear more of! The clean vocals are pretty decent to, though I think sometimes the guy is pushing himself a bit hard when he hits the high end of his register. I love how this song pulls influence from several genres. I catch a bit of punk, thrash, and death metal all in one song. There is even an absolutely beautiful moment of piano work with some amazing vocal work and harmonies. I did not see that coming at all! I love this down tempo moment, it’s perfect in the middle of all the musical chaos that is the bulk of the song.

Parts of this song remind me a lot of old Obituary songs my husband listens to. Especially in those moments with that deep growling vocal style. I also think I could list this with the heavier Slipknot because they both have that chaotic musical style down to an art form. All and all this is a song that I would like to have on my server.  This may be one of the most bizarre songs that I’ve reviewed, but I also think it’s one of the most fun.


read more

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