Bedlamite Rising – Religion (feat. Fronz of Attila)

The opening on this grabs you by the balls in the first second. This track is an all go no quick big balls kinda song, I promise that if your into music that kicks your ass this is a track you have to check out. There is some stuff going on here I don’t entirely understand, but I know I like it. I feel like on one of those angary AF days this would be all kinds of cathartic.

Over the years I’ve really gotten into drum work and I think this is some killer shit right here. I dig the pacing switch ups. Though most of drum work is done at a blazing speed there are some sludgy moments that for me at least really set this off. I would love to see the drum kit at the end of one of their shows. I bet it looks like it’s been through hell.

Vocally this track is a bit out of my wheelhouse. There aren’t any clean vocals which is something I tend to look for in music I would listen to in my spare time. However I’ve been trying to expand my tastes in music so I spent a bit more time focusing on the vocal track. While I still couldn’t understand a lot of the lyrics, I found I didn’t really care. They were more like an additional instrument and I can honestly say that I really enjoyed dipping my toes into the waters here. Enough that I might could find myself listening to more.

Overall I really enjoyed this track and can certainly see myself listening to more of their music. Since I’m new to the genre I can’t really say I have much that I would pair this with, though I am for sure getting some Iowa style Slipknot vibes.

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