Far Beyond Driven – A deeply Personal Dive into Pantera’s Third Album

I came of age in the suburbs during the late 80’s early 90’s.  Where I lived could have easily been called Pop country.  No one I went to school with listened to anything other the “mainstream” read more

Villins: New York City’s most dangerous band to release debut EP The Power

Villins will release their self-produced EP The Power on March 26, 2021. The Power is available to pre-order at read more

Sebzzz – Self Esteem (Offspring Cover)

This was thrown at me through a twitter user and I couldn’t not post a review. I’m a huge fan of covers in general and I have been listening to The Offspring since their first single dropped. read more

Code Orange – Swallowing the Rabbit Whole

I was turned on to this band a few months back and every time I hear something new by them I feel like my personal definition of Metal get’s re-written. Reviewing Swallowing the Rabbit Whole was read more

Official From Ashes to New – Stay This Way

Official Music Video for Weak13’s Mary

Lonely Oak Radio

If you aren't doing it already, give @LonelyOakRadio a peek. It's a great indie only station that plays all kinds of #newmusic

Louis Tomlinson – Defenseless

This is such a sweet little ditty! Not normally a fan of pop songs, I have to say this one has wormed its way into my grapefruit and isn’t letting go. I appreciate the tone and pacing of this read more

Throw the Fight – Paper Wings

I was really excited to review Throw the Fight’s Paper Wings. I had heard really good things about this band and I have to say I wasn’t at all disappointed. The track is fast paced with a driving read more

Villins – Crime

I’m not even sure where to start on this one. I had so much fun listening to this track. It’s got a great overall vibe that I find myself head bobbing to as an automatic response. Per Spotify read more

Weak13 – Mary

Full disclosure, I reviewed this back back in 2016 (I think) and I was kind of on the fence with the song I reviewed. So when I was scrolling for #newmusic on Spotify and found this I was really pretty read more

Lucid Rapture – Comet

Regular readers of this site know I’m not a huge Rap/Hip-Hop fan, I am however a huge fan of any one who is willing to put themselves out there like Lucid Rapture has. Comet is an interesting read more

As Strange As Angels – Curse

OH holy hell, this is my jam yo! I’ll admit it, this song is right up my ally. This is a guitar style, drum line and vocal track that I typically really like. This song is certainly as stand read more

Deep Dive #1 – Device’s Cover of Wish by NIN

I’m setting here working on the website, beating my head against a wall over a plugin when this song pops up on my Spotify list. I’ve listened to this song probably a thousand times both read more

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