Nate Maingard – Barefoot Romance

Is it just me or does Nate remind you ever so slightly of Dylan? It’s absolutely beautiful! Between the vocal style and the guitar work I don’t know what I’m more taken with. His vocal styling read more

Rob Klerkx & The Secret – Carry My Love

There is something about this song that really makes me think of the Cure back in the day maybe with a dash of REM. Then I get just a bit of Mumford and Son when thinking about the vocal styles. I gotta read more

Daniel Pearson – Lost My Way

Ok, I kinda like this a lot. It’s not country, it’s not 60’s folk rock it’s actually some where in between. That makes it a fairly rare gem in my book. Daniel has such an interesting read more

Jason Manns – Vision

While not my normal fair I gotta say I like this song. Jason’s voice is extraordinary, seriously. He has this wonderful range that allows him to hit some fairly high notes with out going into read more

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