What’s With the Metalcore Hate?

As we know I tend to be late to the party. It’s a problem I know, and I get reminded about this all the time by my metal loving friends. Seems like every time I find a new band to obsess over my friends are like, “yeah I listened to that about 10 years ago”. I get it, I live in a seriously messed up time slip.

A good example of that was when I started listening to Asking Alexandria. I hadn’t heard of them and I stumbled upon them while I was deep diving through one of Spotify’s song radio options for some other band. Another band I was late to the party on was Trivium, now one of my favorite bands. So you get what I’m saying about missing the mark.

But here’s the thing, now that I’m expanding on what I listen to I’ve realized that these new music obsessions I have going on are apparently lame. I’m not sure why or how it is I constantly feel the need to apologize for my musical choices but here we are.

A quick check on Spotify lists bands like In This Moment, Falling In Reverse (yeah, I know people have issues with Ronnie, but whatever), Ice Nine Kills, and From Ashes to New. And really, isn’t FATN actually NuMetal but I digress.

These bands are all amazing! What is it about Metalcore that makes people so ready to fight? Is wanting harmony and melody in your music really such a crime against humanity?

I was just watching a Nik Nocuturnal video where he was talking about the upcoming Trivium/Bullet tour and was almost apologizing for liking Metalcore. He’s not the only person I’ve seen either come really close if not actually apologize for liking that genre. So my question is why? What it is about Metalcore that makes it the redheaded step child of Metal?

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