Heart Impaled – Rotation

Wow this one just jumps right on in there and starts kicking your ass from the first note. Now that is what you need for your alarm clock! I would call this a driving pace but that doesn’t even seem read more

Hedon – Annihilation

This may not be the heaviest song I’ve listen to or reviewed musically but those vocals are straight up hard core. One has to think this guy is going through throat spray by the gallon! The vocals read more

Beyond the Styx – Labyrinthectomy

Let’s start this party with some killer percussion then swing straight off into some awesome screaming vocals. I have no idea what this guy is saying and I could actually care less. This is absolutely read more

Scream Blue Murder – What Goes Around Comes Around

OH hells yeah, this is what I needed right now. Thundering drums, completely ass kicking guitars and some vocals I can’t even understand! The vocalist has an amazing range that he exercises here, read more

Countless Goodbyes – Falling Down

Oh man, if your thing is hardcore in your face metal than have I got the song for you. Heavy, fast, growling and a furious temp will certainly get your blood pumping. There is some really brilliant read more

Forging The Truth – Warriors

Who They Are: This metal-core / electronicore 5 piece comes from the Manorville / Mastic area where there is nothing to do but find shows to go to and create music to get one of your own! Inspired and read more

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