Gringo Soul – Ghost Party

What we have here is a rich layering of sounds. There is a lot going on with this piece which is driving by this deep bass thump. I bet you could bump the hell outta this song in a car. It’s a really read more

Akrazia Project – Public Love Clash

This is a rather interesting song. I like a lot of the sound effects they are using to create this oddly abstract piece of music. It comes off to me as an ambient work, on that would be really good read more

Michael Bello – Solaris

The intro was kinda cool, had me picturing an old abandoned east coast beach. This is really my first foray into a full on electronic song. I find myself fascinated with the sounds that Michael is using read more

Pluvi – LXA & Ryos & Petie Smallz – The Purge

Nice industrial beat and I like that repeated lyric. It’s all very cold war sounding. I liked the use of all the different alarms used.  Now I haven’t seen this movie, but from what is in this read more

Angele – Plz’d 2 meet U

I’m having some issues with this song. I like her voice and I like (for the most part) the lyrics. But the musical composition is a little off for me. I would love to hear her backed by a more traditional read more

Rain Diary – Shame (Official Uncensored)

This song comes out swinging with a grand full musical intro. Their specified genre is Dark Wave, I don’t know what that is really. To me this is a cool ass dance track. The lyrics are killing me. read more

Sycantrhope – Preservation of Perversion

Ok, so the intro is very synthy and oriental. I love the oriental vibe in just about any song. There is some simple keyboard work that overlays the synth work that is really nice.  There is a modulating read more

Roblea Music – 15 Martin 3111

Ok, this is a pretty funky jam. There’s a lot going on musically with the beats and sound effects, it certainly feels like a party in a song. This song is sans vocals so there really isn’t read more

NANDA?! – Notice Me, SENPAI!!

Right off the bat the first thing I thought of was that song Barbie Girl. There is a lot of elecro/synth sounds going on in this song. I really liked the layered vocals. This is another one of those read more

Benjamin Bubb – Contemplative Moonwalk

While I’m not really a fan of ambient music this one has me intrigued. The music is beautifully layered so I know I’m going to need to listen to this one multiple times before I will be read more

Army On The Dance Floor – Lightning Strike

It took me a minute to wrap my head around this song. It’s got this really steady back beat that is quite relentless. I wouldn’t call this song a rapid pace peace as much as I would just read more

Consider Me Dead – Breathe Me In

Well hello electro muisic happiness. There is such a funky beat happening in this song that you just wanna get lost in it and dance your little ass off. I’m betting this song does great at the read more

DEEP King – Miami Deep

You may have read some of my other house music reviews so you know it’s not some thing I normally listen to . But I gotta say this track was really kind of fun. It’s got a groovy beat going read more

Sabrina Signs – Even if you’re crazy

This is a really sweet up beat tempo song. The vocalist has a really nice innocence to her voice that I think underscores the honesty of the song she is singing. This song doesn’t show off a really read more

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