AWAAPP – Need Your Love

Wow, this really takes me back! The whole vibe of this track is a psychedelic trip. It makes me think a great deal of bands like Floyd.  It has that experimental style to it that is most commonly read more

Now is in Effect – Echelon Fracture

If you dig on serious guitar work then stop what you’re doing right now and take a listen to this track. The guitar works is pretty damn stellar. There is a lot of movement going on with the line. read more

Ghost Against Ghost – Blue Atoms

Is it just me or does this song belong in the next Heavy Metal movie? I’m thinking kinda like Pantera’s ‘Planet Caravan’ type scene. The song has a very epic feel to with a good amount of floaty read more

Alchemic Journey – Waves

Who They Are: Alchemic Journey is an #Indie #Groovy #Rock #Progressive Band from Rhône-Alpes France.

Why I Like Them: First off I gotta say I like the guitar work. For me it’s very reminiscent read more

Dirty Kluger – Animals

Who They Are: I couldn’t find a ton of information about this band. So I’ll say this: they are a bunch of cool dudes.

Why I Liked It: I like a nice upbeat rhythm! It has this great kinda read more

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