Kondor – Hostage

I don’t ever really get any music like this. I mean I’ve had a few tracks come through that had a pop vibe to them, but this is different. This is like a pop R&B contemporary mashup of the best read more

JTODD – Okay

This is such a sweet song. I love the lyrics and the story they tell. This guy is good. It’s a complete 180 from what I’ve been listening to lately and I’m finding the lilt of his voice and his read more

Jen Levins – Into Sin

Jen’s lyrics really make this song worth listening to. I also really liked the guitar line here and the lack of other instruments. I’ve always loved hearing music striped down like this. It’s read more

Brett Vogel – Hallelujah

I love the original song so much that I tend to judge covers of it rather harshly. However I’m hard pressed to find anything wrong with this beautiful cover of a classic song. Brett’s voice seems read more

Kicklighter – Everyone Knows

This is a really nice upbeat song. They lyrics are a mix of random and storytelling, that makes this a very interesting piece lyrically speaking. Reminds me of some of the new wave songs I listened read more

Nino Lucarelli – Easier

I love the upbeat nature of this jam. It’s got a good upbeat tempo and leaves with these ideas of endless freedom. Remember how you felt leaving school the last day of the year with summer just read more

The Nukes – Vibrant Dreams

My first thought when listening to this song was I needed to be in a smoke filled gin joint. Late, like midnightish, drinking my sorrows away whilst listening to this particular tune, wondering where read more

Benjamin Bubb – Contemplative Moonwalk

While I’m not really a fan of ambient music this one has me intrigued. The music is beautifully layered so I know I’m going to need to listen to this one multiple times before I will be read more

Byron Siren – Same Method Different Pain

I’m a bit out of my wheelhouse on this song, so I’ll just review this from the feelings I’m getting from it. It’s a nice mellow song with a lot of harmonica work. I liked the read more

Ashley Sofia Music – Judas

Love, love, love her voice! It’s got that almost child like quality that is impossible to replicate. You either have it or not. I always think of singers like Jewell when hearing a voice like read more

The Blue Cry – Cause I Love You

Oh the sweet soul! We have double vocals here a male and female which works so well for the lyrics of the song. Both vocalist have really strong sensibilities with their styles. They area perfect compliment read more

Symfinity – Growing Younger

I am really impressed with the flute work in this song. Yes, you heard me there is flute work. This song is not your typical track by any means. There are some really surprising vocal soars and and read more

Jewelia – Beautiful and Broken

Who They Are: Jewelia is a 21 years old singer/songwriter from Romania, based in Guildford, UK, who writes and produces her own music.
Why I Like Them: Wow, she has a really impressive voice! read more

Peter Coia – Feel The Love

Who They Are: I’d like to give a special thanks to Jim Divers, Sean O’Rourke and Des Coffield, founder members of the brilliant ‘JSD Band’. Their pioneering style of a lively, read more

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