Bostwick – Bury Me

There are some moments of true brilliance in this song. For instance I really like the blend of guitar and drum work with the electronic elements. It works well together to create a musical masterpiece. read more

Inventions – Shadows

I dig the intro, very upbeat with some killer guitar work. The vocals are pretty damn tight as well! It’s got just a touch of a dark vibe kicking off which works well with that speedy tempo. It’s read more

Harmony of Silence – Standing on the Edge

Once again luck has struck and this song seems to be fitting my mood perfectly. I really love the clean female vocals especially when they are backed with those dirty male vocals! It gives this song read more

Evenfall – Sacrifice

If you aren’t impressed by the guitar work right up front, you may wanna check your pulse. The guitar work alone is enough to want this song. The vocals just make you want it that much more. It has read more

Devilstrip – She Said

This is a great one for the playlists if you ask me. I like the lyrics a lot, mostly because I think I’ve lived this story a time or two. The vocals are just a bit rough or maybe ragged is more the read more

Trophy Lives – Icebergs, Pt. II

There is something about this song that is matching my mood right now. I little melancholy for some reason. Actually it’s reminding me a lot of HIM. This guy has the same vocal style that Ville Valo read more

Calling Tempo – One Night Only Demo

I’m kinda crushing on that cello right now. It was hard for me to hear the lyrics the first time around. Silly laptop speakers, so I had to transfer the audio over to my stereo. That’s much, much read more

More Than Most – You’re Not Alone

Wow, this song is amazing. I love the lyrics for this song, it’s dark but very relatable. The vocalist was able to connect with the story so well, you can hear it in his voice with every word. The read more

Sauerkraut Sandwich – Cats are cooler than Dogs

I don’t get a chance to review a lot of comedic songs, so when I stumble upon one I’m always exceedingly happy. The Sauerkraut Sandwich song slays me.  I had to go over it a couple of time because read more

V૯૨ઽષઽ Vઽ. V૯૨ઽ૯ઽ – COSMONAUT

I’m getting this really dark vibe from this song that I really love. This guy’s voice is capable of being sinister and sexy all at the same time. It’s the something Jared Leto has in 30 Seconds read more

Lonnieclaire – New Mexico Gold

I wish I could have found a better copy of this song. I really liked what I heard but some of it was a bit hard to make out. The bill themselves as a garage band and I can see why. There is a relaxed read more

Madmartigan – Working on My Vertical Leap

I’m a huge fan of the movie “Willow” so I was excited as soon as Madmartigan came up on my radar. Somehow though though this song was really not what I was expecting. Not that I should have had read more

Sky Burns Red Band – Riddle

I’m only a few seconds into this song but I like it already. So far it’s a slowed down track with a dark/sinister kind of groove. I hear a lot of bass, always something that makes me happy. And read more

Daniel Ray – Blue In The Face – Alkaline Trio cover

This is another song where I have to admit I don’t know the original. I love that this is done as an acoustic jam. This guy has an amazing voice, reminds me a bit of Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day). read more

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