Agony In The Garden (@AgonyntheGarden) Q&A

Q&A Agony In The Garden

In doing the music reviews I’ve been lucky enough to become friends with some of the amazing artists that I’ve listened to. One such artist is Mack Perry of Agony In The read more

Interview with Geoff from Raygun Girls

My introduction to Raygun Girls was here on the site as a review. I like what I heard and the name absolutely fascinated me. During the course of my research for the review I learned a few interesting read more


Back in August I was introduced to Forever Still. They were actually amongst the first bands that I reviewed for musicbank. I was immediately entranced with their sound. Now they have some new material read more

Zombie Sam Interview

I met Zombie Sam via twitter. He and I spoke several times about reviewing his music, which I was excited to do after reading some of his fan’s feedback. Even that didn’t prepare me for what read more

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