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In doing the music reviews I’ve been lucky enough to become friends with some of the amazing artists that I’ve listened to. One such artist is Mack Perry of Agony In The read more

Subterranean Popular – Queen of the World

Oh man, I feel like I did the first time I heard Nirvana or Stone Temple Pilots! This has the same grungy wonderful vibe that those bands did. I even get just the faintest whiff of Violent Femmes!! The read more

FELICITY – Tonight

Oh my stars! What a lovely bass line right up front and perfect! Brilliant intro guys. When the song fully kicks in it’s just a bunch of awesome in a track. I really love that guitar riff. You’ll read more

Anthony Stewart Head – Behind Blue Eyes

So one again I find myself in a position where I feel I need to give you a disclaimer before the review. I am very familiar with Anthony’s music and have been for a while. I was first introduced to his vocals on BTVS (doing a cover of this very song and Once More With Feeling) then via Youtube videos of his stint as Frank N Furter in Rocky all the way up to Repo! The Genetic Opera. I love his voice quite a lot so getting to do this review with his blessing is a real treat for me.

If youre expecting a note by note cover of The Who’s song you may be disappointing. This is a cover that was inspired by the original and it’s beautiful. Head’s vocals treat these lyrics like they are his life’s story. To me that is what makes this cover as perfect as it is. I’ve heard plenty of covers that were good, but the artists didn’t really make it their own. Anthony didn’t have that problem at all. I am in love with his added runs and drops. The emotion that he sings with is almost more than I can take. He has a great range and with the piano accompaniment this song has such a powerful punch that you have to listen to it to really understand what’s happening.


OK, so I totally expected this to be like the cover he did on Buffy. I was happily surprised by the modifications to the original arrangement. Singing it with a single piano was nothing short of brilliant. I need to get a copy of this song to put on my phone so I can take it with me and share it with the world. Scoff if you want but prior to this my favorite cover of this song was done by Limp Bizkit. In that case I really felt Durst was able to really dig and emotionally connect with the song, turning out a superior song. I have to say that Anthony Stewart Head’s interpretation of the song was a beautiful surprise, taking the song in directions I’d never thought of.

Anthony Stewart Head was born on February 20, 1954 in Camden Town, north London, England. Anthony is an English actor and musician. Having already had a successful career, with regular TV appearances and stage roles, including leads at the Royal National Theatre, he became “a household face” in the UK following his role in the, now classic, commercials for Nescafé Gold Blend (Taster’s Choice in the U.S.). He is internationally known for his roles as Rupert Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Uther Pendragon in Merlin, and for his role as Geoffrey Howe in the Oscar award winning film, The Iron Lady. He has also been attached to a number of other successful TV series: Little Britain, Dr. Who and Manchild. He was most recently seen in Stephen Poliakoff’s,

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War Within – Look Away

Ok, it got my attention from the first chord. Reminds me a bit of Godsmack on steroids. I love the dark mid tempo pacing of the track. The dirty guitar works perfectly with those taunting drums. This guys vocals are incredible. Just the right amount of grit at the perfect moments. I also appreciate the cleaner style of vocals as well. But for me this is all about that guitar. Sure there is some hot dogging in the solo, but that’s where it should be. And if this guy has the chops to play the way he does, why not highlight it? I wasn’t able to catch all the lyrics on this one, but in a rather rare situation I just don’t care. I find the vocal track to be another instrument in the overall composition of the song. Every thing seems to work together so well that it all flows with out any thing overly taking over. I’m just really partial to the guitar line because it reminds me of some of my favorite guitar lines from the 80’s.


I loved this song more than enough to check out some of their other tunes. Their guitarist gives me goose bumps listening to his riffs. I think this would work for any song that has a solid guitar line, a groovy dark vibe or a deep drum track. I’m sick with a head cold today so I’m having a hell of at time thinking of songs or artist to pair it up with. Maybe you guys can provide some suggestions in the comments section below.

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War Within was formed in 2011 by Drummer Louis Schiavone and Guitarist Jeff Baldonado both Formally
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Victor And The Bully – There’s No Sadness Holding An Ice Cream

Oh why this has such a wonderfully quirky vibe to it! This is just so much fun and retro it damn near can’t stand it in the best way. Listening to this track it’s impossible to believe that there are only two guys in the band. I keep getting this whole 20’s/30’s vibe from the style of the music. The vocal styling are almost beyond my ability to describe. It’s oh so cool! Uke’s never sounded so damn cool as they do in this song (sorry Eddie Vedder, you’ve been Uke owned!) The musical composition has so much movement it’s a treat to listen to the whole song just to see where the ride takes you.


Much like this review, the music was all over the place, but it was so awesome I wouldn’t want to see a single note changed. For those of us who love unique music this is what you’ve been looking for. It’s fun, upbeat and retro as hell. I have nothing on my playlist save for one Offpring song called “When your in Prison” (which really only shares the retro vibe with this song) that would be a genera fit. However I would find as many funky upbeat songs as I could to make a list for this song to rest on.

Who They Are:
Bringing a different vibe to the local scene with just 2 artists but the sounds of a big band, Victor and the Bully try a di

fferent type of sounds with only a Ukulele and Guitar
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Autumn Stay – Sheep

Ummm… hell ya! I love the thundering drums in the intro of this song. As it breaks into the first verse the vocals kick in and I would love to know where this songbird has been hiding all my life. She has such a strong full voice and a great ability to connect with the lyrics. The vocals are smooth as silk but she can pull off an edgier angry style as well. There is something almost ethereal about her style. The guitar work is so bad ass. It’s not an overly complicated line, but it is done with such precision and grace that a complicated line isn’t necessary in the least little bit. The fact that it’s all backed by that brilliant drum work is just the topping on the Sunday that is this song.

Would I listen to more? Oh hells to the yea! I loved every thing about this song. It had a perfect balance between the music and the vocals. I could put this on a list with Halestorm, Forever Still, some of the heavier Stone Sour and

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Curses – Lies Like Tides

Loving the funky intro so much. It’s dark, it’s carny it’s just plain fun. The equally dark dirty vocals are extremely well done. Oh my God, there are clean vocals in this track as well, and they are beautiful! I love the back and forth nature of the two vocalists. It adds a brilliant depth to this song. The drums thunder along at a good clip and the drummer knows when to go hard and when to back it off. The guitar is almost lost during certain parts of the song due to the dirty vocals but then they come barreling at you with both guns blazing.


This is not a matter of if I want to listen to more of their stuff, it’s a matter of I have to listen to more. I loved everything about this song. I loved the vocals so freaking much. I can’t even form coherent sentences to sum up my feelings about those voices. Then there is the music which is thundering and dark and a bit devilish. I think you could match this song up with just about any thing and every thing that rocks ass. My mind is racing as I consider everything from old Metal to Nu Metal. You just gotta listen to it.

The Band is:
Brandon Casto: Vocals
Eli Fry: Vocals
Davey Nicewander: Guitar
Michael Olivares: Bass/Vocals
Shane Cyrus: Drums
Tyler Meadows: Guitar/Vocals




Where You Can Get It:

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UNPACT – Timeless Wavering

This song has one of the slowest build ups I’ve heard in a long time. I found it rather fascinating honestly. So far it has a nice creepy vibe going on and I can always get behind that. There is a bit of an Asian influence at work here, or at least it has that feel. It’s not upbeat but I wouldn’t say it’s a downer song. I’ll settle for mid tempo on this one. I feel like this needs a female singer with a truly ethereal voice to really bring it home. The back beat is nice and solid with a good sway rhythm to keep it going. Definitely a song in the style of Nine Inch Nails, especially with that explosion of sound there in the middle. I could see this in a soundtrack for a horror movie or a really intense scene in a thriller.

At first I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this song. It had a slow burn opening that had me a bit unsure but as the song continued I was more and more taken with it. I would love to have this on my server and pair it up with some Tool, Nine Inch Nails and Apocalyptica.  It has a ton of movement and is certainly worth the time it takes to listen.


French alternative rock project with a deep dose of electronic sounds. Main influences are all Trent Reznor works and groups like The Prodigy.


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Lexie Miller – Awkward Moments

I have to be honest and tell you I wasn’t expecting a lot from this song, but that’s what I get. This is an awesome pop track! It’s like someone merged Adel and P!nk. It breaks down like this: She sounds a bit like Adel in her vocals but the singing style is so P!nk I can barely stand it!! I don’t mean any of this as a negative but a serious positive. She has a great sense of song styles and is able to carry this song all the way down the line. Her cadence is damn near perfect and her range is strong. I like that she knows when to go full on and when to pull back. That’s something that is really hard for some vocalists to get.

She really needs to tour with P!nk for real. That would be a ticket I would pay for! I would love to see her with a better musical backing track. Not that there was anything wrong with the music itself it just came off kind of generic. That could have been because she is so much stronger than the music. In case you didn’t figure it out playlist wise I wanna put it on with my P!nk collection and some of my Katy Perry cause she has some awesome tunes as well.


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Who They Are:
I am a spunky fun loving girl that loves life and everything that it offers!!’ I am a Singer/Songwriter and an Actress from Portland Oregon.

The Band is:
Lexie Miller




Where You Can Get It:

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Fearless Vampire Killers – Bow Ties On Dead Guys

Dude, I’m really loving this song! I’m seriously crushing on just about every part of this song right now. The vocals are super sweet with a nice clean style and an excellent range. This guy has a hell of a falsetto! His midrange is rich, full and so much fun. The guitars are nice and grungy, with a tinge of dark going on. The drums are nice and in your face with a good upbeat tempo. I love the change ups in this track, keeps every thing nice and interesting.

If I have any complaints at all about the song, it’s that the song is just too damn short! Other than that there is no bad here. I would love to have this song on my server and my phone. I can see putting it on a list with my Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco! and Third Place. This rock/pop style music has really been earning a place in my heart for a while now and I gotta say every time I hear another band working it I love it even more. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to get to know this band better and perhaps see them in concert. I bet that rocks ass!


Who They Are:

To listen to most bands is to be briefly submerged into the scene they’re a part of. That’s not the case with Fearless Vampi

re Killers. No, this
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Interview with Geoff from Raygun Girls

My introduction to Raygun Girls was here on the site as a review. I like what I heard and the name absolutely fascinated me. During the course of my research for the review I learned a few interesting facts about the band and decided I wanted to know a bit more. Luckily I was able to steal Geoff for a Q&A session.

MB: I read on your Reverbnation page that 50% of all sales go to the charity Oxfam America. What is that and how did you get involved?

RG: Oxfam’s mission is to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger and social injustice.  About 3 years ago, I started really paying attention to what was going on in the US, how Hispanics are being treated, how racism and sexism run rampant in our government, and how economic inequality was just growing and growing.  All of that is what drove the recording of the self-titled album.  Reverbnation gives you the option to sell your music, and if you want to sell it through them, then they also give you the option to send some money to a charity.  Oxfam is trying to deal with issues that I consider very important.

You utilize a lot of guest female vocalists. Is there one or two ladies out there that you would really like to record with? Why them?

Johnette Napolitano from Concrete Blonde.  The first vocalist that we worked with, Janine, had a voice like Johnette- deep, bluesy, powerful, dark.  I like that.  Johnette has great lyrics and an amazing voice.  She knows when to keep it sultry and when to belt it out.


MB: How old were you when you first started really listening to music? How long after that did you start playing?

RG: I was lucky enough to live in a house with a lot of family coming in and out.  My uncles were in their teens and my mother was in her early 20’s.  She loved music and would play the Beatles, but mostly classical music.  My uncles would play Ramones, David Bowie, and I would steal their records and play them on my little record player.  So, when did I really start listening to music?  Probably as soon as I was born.  I’ve always been drawn to music.
I started to seriously play when I was about 16, but I started taking guitar lessons when I was about 12.


MB: I feel like I’ve gone through a music evolution over the last 20 years especially. I started listening to pop and slowly it’s morphed its way all the way over to metal. What bands were the highlight of your musical evolution?

RG: The Ramones are definitely a highlight way at the beginning.  I would play their album Leave Home over and over, when I was 10.  Metallica’s And Justice For All really brought me into the Heavy Metal world.  After that album, I jumped in deep with Suicidal Tendencies’ How Will I Laugh Tomorrow (practically wore out that tape, I listened to it so much).  Ministry’s A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste and NIN’s Pretty Hate Machine and Killing Joke’s Extremities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions were the next huge step (they came out at about the same time).  Those blew my mind.  I really wanted to mix electronics and heavy guitars after that.

There are so many, I could take up ten pages going through them all.  Life of Agony, White Zombie, Type O Negative, all huge influences.  Recently, I would have to say that Gojira has made the biggest impact on my songwriting.


MB: What is on your playlist/phone/itunes list right now that you can’t live without?

RG: Type O Negative is always on my playlist.  Fear Factory.  And Gojira’s “L’Enfant Sauvage”.  Prong’s new album is also on a loop.  I really like where In This Moment have been going with their music, so I’ve been listening to their latest album a lot lately as well.


MB: I love how listening to every song seems to show another side of the band. Listening to your music I hear influences that range from Godsmack to Zombie. Who would say your biggest influence is past or present.

RG: Killing Joke is a constant influence.  The older the guys in Killing Joke get, the angrier their music gets.  They’ve been around since the mid 70’s and still making amazing Industrial and Metal music.  They easily go from Goth, to Punk to Industrial to Metal.
White Zombie was an influence in a different way.  They were originally from NY.  It was like an explosion of music from NY at that time, with Helmet, Prong, Quicksand, Zombie, Life of Agony, Biohazard.  Only listening back to those bands can I now see that there was a NY sound.  And I’ve noticed that my music has that same grittiness, dirt.  You can almost hear the sound of the subways, the traffic.

The Ramones are also a huge influence.  I didn’t seek out NY bands to influence me, it just seems to have happened that way.

I also have to say that Pink Floyd is a really big influence.  Especially their album Animals.  Dave Gilmour’s guitar playing is perfect – bluesy solos in the right spots.  He knows when to hold back.


MB: I would feel remiss if I didn’t ask; but the band name Raygun Girls, where did that come from?

RG: When I started the band back in 2003 with my friend Jamie, we were both listening to this group from Albany, NY – The Clay People.  They were doing some great stuff mixing Hard Rock with electronic beats.  A little heavier than Industrial, but a little too Industrial for Heavy Metal (it was referred to as Cold Wave in the 90’s, along with bands like Drown and Hate Dept.).  We were throwing around names, and one of my favorite songs on their self-titled album was Raygun Girls.  So, it stuck.


MB: I Don’t Mind happens to be one of my favorite Raygun Girls songs. That guitar line is absolutely sick. How did that song come about? I mean did you start with the lyrics or the guitar line?

RG: Most of the songs start with music and then I slap lyrics on top of them.  Every year since 2011, I’ve participated in FAWM – February Album Writing Month, where a whole bunch of people around the world try to write, record and produce 12 songs or 30 minutes during the shortest month of the year.  It’s during that frenzy of writing that most of my songs have been written since 2011.  the music for I Don’t Mind was written during 2014’s FAWM.  Kindel, the vocalist on that song, wrote the lyrics after I gave her the music, and said, “You got anything that can work with this?”

I usually start with a drum beat.  I put that on a loop and then see what comes out on the guitar.  Then I edit it all together.  Then I play the guitar line a million times refining it.


MB: So what is next up for Raygun Girls?

RG: We try to take over the world, Pinky…. Well, February is coming up, which probably means a whole slew of new music.  I don’t even need February anymore to do that though.  I pretty much can write about one song a month.  I use FAWM to hook up with other musicians.  That’s how I found palliDust, who sings on quite a few new songs; as well as Abomnium, who does some guitar solos for me every once in a while; and how I found Jacinda Espinosa, who did vocals for me a few years back, and continually provides me with great lyrics.
Write now I’ve been pushing the new single, “Time Keeps”, and I’ve got some other songs already finished that are waiting to be released under the album name Ghost 15, and others that need some polishing.  Basically, I’m gonna keep making music and hope that people keep listening and enjoying!

Manic to Panic – Oh Cecilia (Born Ruffians cover)

Wow, this guy has an amazing voice.  He has a great range and is able to keep his voice nice and full no matter high or low. I also love the cadence that he’s singing those verses in. It’s great that this is an acoustic performance because I can really key in on those vocals and the guitar work. I mean holy hell the guitar is such a perfect match for those vocals. These boys are so full of talent it’s amazing.

I avoided watching the video while I reviewed this. I never watch while I review because I don’t want that to ever taint my review. Just listening to this song was enough for me any way. I can’t imagine that any one wouldn’t fall in love with it. Now I’ve not heard the original but I’m pretty sure it’s not better than this cover. I would damn near eat my shoe if it is. But in the interest of fairness I’m going to go find it. I’m also going to go find more of Manic to Panic’s music. Since I love the vocals and the guitar work I know I’m going to love whatever else is out there.


Who They Are:

The Band is:
Josh Tsakas – Lead Vocals
Tyler Tossounian – Lead Guitar
Justin Armour – Drums
Dylan – Bass




Third Place – Don’t Stop

Loving the vocal style of this track! It’s got a lot of sarcasm and anger and I always like that. The guitar work is just fun as hell to listen to. It ranges from this grungy dirty style to a somewhat clean style. That drum line has me smiling from ear to ear! It’s a great up beat line that I am betting kills live. That drum work is just straight up on point! The lyrics are so solid and delivered perfectly.

I love everything about this song! It’s upbeat rhythm and the delivery of the lyrics is freaking great. I can see putting this on a list with Rise Against and Fall Out Boy. This one has all the elements of a radio darling.  I want this tune so freaking bad. I will throw it on my server and on my phone ever so happily. It’s also got super sticky powers in that it’s already stuck in my head. I need lyrics so I can annoy everyone around me as I sing it as loudly as I can. Just go listen to this jam and love it!


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Who They Are:

Third Place burst onto the music scene in February 2006, during the International Emergenza battle of the bands competition. The band celebrated its first anniversary on the night of the read more

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