The Glimpses – What a Day May Bring

I think I need to go lock myself in a room for a day and listen to this song.  It’s an odd little ditty that really is a slice of awesome. The vocals and the music both hold their own bits of goodness read more

Jack Williams – Til I Die

My god that voice, I could float away in that voice. It’s husky, warm and oh so inviting. I found I had a hard time understanding all the words, but in this song I think that may be a stylistic choice. read more

Ian Clayton – We Take No Chances

There is something about Ian Clayton that makes me think of Tom Petty. That’s going in the win column right off the bat. It’s warm and rich but it has the bit of rough that makes it stand out. But read more

Sugar Bear Trio – Skeletons and Bones

There is something about this song that makes me want to go out and grab the nearest copy of ‘Brother Where Art Thou?’ To me that is a good thing. It’s kinda that style of music that makes you read more

David R. Guitard – Wasted Away

I’m not really sure what to say about this song. I feel a lot of influence from Neil Young and maybe some Johnny Cash when it comes to the lyrical content and song. I liked that aspect of the song. read more

Arson’s Harbor – Smallest Child

This my friends is a perfect guitar intro. There is no bad to be found and it only gets better when the vocals kick in. This guy has such an inviting voice. It takes you in and wraps you in its story. read more

Rachel Layne – I Wonder

This is a very sweet song. I love the poetry in the lyrics and Rachel is able to paint a lovely picture with her voice. Her guitar work is beautifully done. You can tell she spends a lot of time working read more

Byron Siren – Same Method Different Pain

I’m a bit out of my wheelhouse on this song, so I’ll just review this from the feelings I’m getting from it. It’s a nice mellow song with a lot of harmonica work. I liked the read more

Symfinity – Growing Younger

I am really impressed with the flute work in this song. Yes, you heard me there is flute work. This song is not your typical track by any means. There are some really surprising vocal soars and and read more

Alice Sweet Alice – M.I.A.

Love that voice so much. It’s nostalgic, sweet and warm. There is an elegant edge to her voice that really grabs your attention. There is some thing decidedly folksy about her singing that just read more

Betty Doom – Winterspell

Wow, I really love this track. The intro feels very rock inspired but when the drums (bongo’s maybe?) kick in it really changes the whole tone of the song. The female vocals are amazing. I would read more

Nou Enle – Romeo

Why I Like Them: No many acoustic acts make my radar. I am really glad this one did. This is truly a mellow treat for the ears. I dig the violin in this track, and how often do you get to say that? read more

Silverside – Long Road Down

Who They Are: Silverside isn’t just a band, it’s the story of our lives on audio. It’s an ever growing tale of love, hardship, success, and all things few and far between. With each read more

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