Sanguine – Rebel Yell

I’m a huge fan of the original Billy Idol version of this song so I was stoked to do this review. The music is absolutely spot on with just a few modifications to make this their own song. The read more

RavenCroft – Greed

Nice dirty guitars always make me smile. The vocals are pretty sweet as well. They remind me of some of the 80’s rock I love so much. Oh yea, that is a total 80’s scream right there. The guitar read more

Lucks Lane – The Truth Behind The Lies

I was totally stoked to get the opportunity to review this song. If you read my news updates, you know that this album doesn’t drop until Nov. 21st so consider this your preview. I’m loving read more

Fire Tiger – Energy

Every thing about this song screams 80’s pop rock. Think Pat Benetar or Joan Jett, with popier sounds. Vocally I’m floored. This chick has such a powerful voice. You can feel the power with read more

Midnight Sin – No matter

80’s hair metal is alive and well in this band and I can’t say that I’m sorry about that. I’m a total child of the 80’s so I’m always excited when I hear a band that read more

Agony in the Garden – In Despair We Rise

You would never now to listen to Agony in the Garden that it’s a one man band. In that aspect he reminds me of Trent Reznor, very cool. I gotta say I kinda like this jam. There is some thing about read more

The Aviators – What do you want from me

We’ve got a nice upbeat popish rhythm with a rather nice guitar line. It’s making me think of summer, hanging out with my friends drinking and doing generally dumb stuff. Not so much lyrically read more


This one almost immediately put a smile on my face. There is some thing so 80’s about this song though it’s not like I’m getting a call from that decade telling me they want their read more

Alex Von Z – Two Wolves

Who They Are: Blending rock music styles with incredible creativity and positive life messages, Alex offers a unique style with common and enjoyable threads. Integrating influences from the 1960′s read more

SINEMA – Crazy

Who They Are: A four piece hard rock band of best friends from Birmingham, AL. We came together because of a mutual love for music and the stage we’ve had all our lives. The diverse backgrounds read more

Kory Brown – Little Love Games

Who They Are: Kory Brown strives to bring back the passionate rock of the 80’s with the modern feel of today’s acts. “Music today is missing a theatrical aspect that connects with read more

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