Curses – Lies Like Tides

Loving the funky intro so much. It’s dark, it’s carny it’s just plain fun. The equally dark dirty vocals are extremely well done. Oh my God, there are clean vocals in this track as read more

SouLost – The Way I Feel

Wow this song threw me right back to the 80’s! My first thought was this sounds kinda like T’Pau from back in the day, well if that band had balls that is. I gotta give it to the vocalist though, read more

Strength In Shadows – War Machine

Ok, this song is nothing but fun from the get go. The guitar work is absolutely stellar, the drums are fast and thunderous. I’m in freaking love with the clean and dirty vocals. This is a fast and read more

Amongst Thieves – The Lost Art Of Conversation

This is how you wake up on a Sunday morning! I love the upbeat nature of this song, This is an excellent example of the use of double bass in a more “radio friendly” format that I’ve read more

PRESSIVE – Pathfinder

I am loving the rhythm of the intro, if the rest of the song is half as good we have a winner. Lots of truly solid percussion going on. As we move into the song the percussion is taken back to the background read more

Summer City – We Were On A Break

I like the sense of reckless abandon that the music has going for it. The song takes the best elements from pop/rock/punk and nu-metal to deliver an extremely hooky tune. I love the unique quality of read more

The Greenery Commons – I Can’t Feel (feat. Tanner Wright)

I can feel the smile spreading over my face as I listen. Over the years I’ve developed a love for scream vocals. For most of the songs I listen to removing those vocals would just destroy the read more

From Ashes to New – Stay This Way

Who They Are: The idea behind From Ashes to New, is to do something fresh and meaningful. By taking every kind of music that influences them, FATN is able to create a read more

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