Villins: New York City’s most dangerous band to release debut EP The Power

Villins will release their self-produced EP The Power on March 26, 2021. The Power is available to pre-order at read more


Debut album coming soon; first single “The Closest I’ve Come” streaming online

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – New Haven-based progressive ensemble, Earthside, has teamed read more


For immediate release, April 28, 2015.

Female fronted independent rock band Forever Still have released a new EP called “Save Me”. The EP is the the second of three digital EPs that will read more

Pentagram announces North American release of “All Your Sins” DVD



DVD collection out March 31 in North America; teaser trailer streaming on YouTube

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. metal legend, Pentagram, has announced an extensive double-disc DVD collection, titled All Your Sins, to be released on Peaceville Records. Featuring over six hours of numerous electrifying concerts spanning three decades – all straight from the band’s collection – All Your Sins is due for release in North America on March 31, 2015.


An All Your Sins teaser trailer can be seen on YouTube at:


The DVD can be pre-ordered now through the Peaceville web-store at:

This first-ever official Pentagram video collection recovers, repairs and resurrects the earliest known footage of this doomed metal pioneer and more. Featuring two DVDs packed with priceless archive footage, as well as recent shows, All Your Sins – Video Vault unearths the rumored lost visual evidence pent up in the Ram Family vault for decades. This definitive collection contains over four hours of footage from nine venues and numerous historical shows, including a charged performance at the legendary CBGB’s club in 1985 – a mass of classic renditions from the band’s catalogue finally gathered together for a live journey spanning over 30 years.

Disc 1:

1.1  Death Row Live at the Silver Fox – 1983 [01:29)

1.2  CBGBs – 1985 [00:28]

1.3  The Seagull Inn – 1985 [00:22]

1.4  The Hung Jury Pub – 1987 [00:39]

1.5  9:30 Club – 1993 [00:41]

Disc 2:

2.1  The Paragon – 1993 [01:02]

2.2  The End – 2010 [01:09]

2.3  John Dee, Oslo – 2012 [01:11]

2.4  The DNA Lounge – 2014 [00:06]

Pentagram, the highly influential American heavy metal/doom act fronted by mastermind Bobby Liebling, formed in the early 1970s. Through four decades of adversity and triumph, Pentagram has become a legendary international act and has firmly stamped its name in the heavy metal history books.


Although always a cult act with a strong and dedicated worldwide fan base, Pentagram has enjoyed a recent surge in interest due in part to the fly-on-the-wall 2011 documentary, Last Days Here, following the life, trials and tribulations of Bobby Liebling. The film gained international recognition, travelling the worldwide film festival circuit where it won several awards including “Best Music Documentary” at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam.
Stay tuned for more information on Pentagram and All Your Sins, out next month on Peaceville.



Scott Weiland launching new band, wants to be Axl Rose

Ok, so maybe I made up the last part of the headline but it was funny. He seems to really enjoy playing with any one who has played with Axl. First and most famously there was his stint in Velvet Revolver which was really in many ways Guns and Roses The Return.  Now it looks like Weiland is going after members of the current GNR line up by tapping Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal to play in his new band Art of Anarchy. The Super Group will complete it’s line up with bassist John Moyer (Disturbed), guitarist Jon Votta and drummer Vince Votta.

Looks like Mr. Weiland is going to be pretty busy this year as he’s also working and getting ready to release a new album with his band Wildabouts. Shortly after the album drops they will start touring. Art of Anarchy is set to release it’s debute album some time this spring.

I was able to find this preview on Youtube. Some of the songs sound like the kind of thing we heard with Velvet Revolver and some of it’s a lot heavier than what you would expect from a Weiland project. Occasionally there is a little bit of the old style STP as well.  Check out this album preview and tell me what you think.



Female fronted, alternative rock band Forever Still have released a new EP called “Scars”. The EP is the first of three digital EPs that will eventually end up as one physical full length album in the spring of 2015. The EP can be downloaded directly from the bands website: where the band lets their fans pay what they want for it.

“We believe that music should be available to everyone – both those who are broke, and those who have a little extra to spare in support of the artists they love” Maja explains. “That’s why we’re letting the fans name their own price. All we ask is that they SHARE it with everyone!”

The EP is recorded, mixed and mastered in Copenhagen by band member Mikkel Haastrup in the band’s own studio. Mikkel is a trained sound engineer by Flemming ‘Metallica’ Rasmussen. “We like our music and everything surrounding it to be 100% honest and we felt the only way we could achieve that was by doing everything ourselves” says Mikkel.

The EP is Part 1 of the bands debut album which is a concept album about a  suppressed individual struggling through depression, anxiety, and worthlessness and getting stronger in the process. “The songs are all very raw, emotional and somewhat imperfect, because we wanted it to sound like someone falling apart and trying to put the pieces back together” says Maja

The EP has been welcomed with open arms by both fans and media calling it a “three song masterpiece”, as well as stating that “Maja’s voice is better than ever and showcases incredible versatility. The compositional skills of the band go from strength to strength and the musicianship is awesomely professional.”


*Editors Note:

I had the opportunity to review Forever Still’s The Key here on the site back in August. If you read my review you know I was quite taken with this band. I’m really looking forward to hearing what they have for us this time around.

Lucks Lane Releases New Album ‘The Story Of Our Lives” Nov. 21st.

We are extremely proud to announce that the release date for our second album ‘The Story Of Our Lives’ will be the 21st of November 2014!

The album is now available for pre-order purchase from iTunes and Amazon MP3! As a special bonus, we have teamed up with iTunes to make four of the tracks available for immediate download before the official release date! Pre-order the album, or purchase the immediate download tracks from iTunes here…. Pre-order the album from Amazon MP3 here….. Thanks everyone!

Sean Danielsen’s Food Chain Now Available

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Sean Danielsen, guitarist/vocalist of veteran hard rock band, Smile Empty Soul, has released his second solo EP ‘Food Chain’. ‘Food Chain’ can be purchased now via iTunes at: and at:

Unlike Danielsen’s previous solo EP ‘Enjoy the Process,’ which released in 2013 and featured six acoustic tracks, ‘Food Chain’ consists of five full-band songs recorded at Babyland Studios in Van Nuys, Calif. “My new EP ‘Food Chain’ was a fun project for me because there were really no rules or boundaries I had to follow,” Danielsen recently told Revolver Magazine. “My work with Smile Empty Soul is very free as well, but it does have to stay within the lines of the traditional 3-piece. With my solo stuff, I can just do whatever the song is calling for and take it to places Smile never goes.” A new ‘Food Chain’ track “Rescue Me” can be streamed on the Revolver website at:

Danielsen is currently on a solo acoustic tour throughout the month in support of the new EP.

Track Listing for Food Chain

1. Waves

2. Rescue Me

3. Beautiful Things

4. Food Chain

5. Broken Bones and Skeletons

Since releasing its debut album on Atlantic Records in 2003, Danielsen and Smile Empty Soul continue to be a relentless force in hard rock. With countless successful tours, a top 10 single and a certified gold record, Smile Empty Soul released its sixth album Chemicals last year.

Stay tuned for more information on Sean Danielsen and the ‘Food Chain’ EP.

Sean Danielsen solo dates…

11/04 – Corpus Christi, TX @ Boneshakers

11/05 – Norman, OK @ Labyrinth

11/06 – Tulsa, OK @ Downtown Lounge

11/07 – Sioux City, IA @ The Chesterfield

11/08 – Independence, MO @ The Scene

11/09 – Des Moines, IA @ House Of Bricks

11/10 – Algona, IA @ Afterlife Lounge

11/11 – Waterloo, IA @ Spicoli’s

11/12 – Bloomington, IL @ Castle Theater

11/13 – Lafayette, IN @ Hideaway

11/14 – Battle Creek, MI @ Warehouse

11/15 – Flint, MI @ Machine Shop

11/16 – Newport, KY @ Thompson House

11/17 – Akron, OH @ Rippers Rock House

11/18 – Morgantown, WV @ Schmitt’s Saloon

11/19 – Louisville, KY @ Diamonds Pub

11/20 – St. Louis, MO @ Mad Magician

11/21 – Joplin, MO @ Rock 3405

11/22 – Cape Girardeau, MO @ Pitter’s

Sean Danielsen online…

*You can read my review of ‘Food Chain’ on my Rebel Mouse blog.

Smile Empty Soul’s Sean Danielsen Premieres New Song, “Rescue Me”

As promised Sean Danielsen premiered his new song “Rescue Me” on a popular website. The website that won that honor? Revolver magazine of course.  Head on over to Revolver Magazine to listen to the new song.

Sean Danielsen to premier new Song

Smile Empty Soul singer/guitarist Sean Danielsen will be premiering his new song “Rescue Me” on a popular site on Monday, as well as announcing a link to pre-order his new EP “food chain”

Check back for a link to the new song and to pre-order the EP.

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