American Island – I’m Down

Oh lordy, it’s like they know me. If this was a Facebook quiz, this would be my jam! I’m down but I’m not giving up. Needless to say I’m quite taken with the lyrics to this song. I think that read more

Moderne – Colorblind

This song is a lot of fun to listen to. It starts out slow with just a vocal track, which I thought as rather cool. When the music kicks in it’s a pretty upbeat tempo, it’s kind of a jolt after read more

Typeface – My Life

So I can’t help but think of some 80’s pop songs listening to this jam. Like something from a John Hughes movie. But I think it also has some things in common with some of the Queens of the Stone read more

Former Tides – Young Minds

Wow, I gotta say I really, really like this song. As tired as I’ve been lately some reviews have been hard for me to write. This one is going to be very easy. Let’s start with the vocals. read more

Christopher Giles – Lights in Stereo

If this isn’t an anthem song, I’ll eat a shoe. No salt even. Party of me is screaming boy bands watch out cause Christopher does what you do, but better and with less bodies. That makes read more

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