Sebzzz – Self Esteem (Offspring Cover)

This was thrown at me through a twitter user and I couldn’t not post a review. I’m a huge fan of covers in general and I have been listening to The Offspring since their first single dropped. read more

Throw the Fight – Paper Wings

I was really excited to review Throw the Fight’s Paper Wings. I had heard really good things about this band and I have to say I wasn’t at all disappointed. The track is fast paced with a driving read more

Villins – Crime

I’m not even sure where to start on this one. I had so much fun listening to this track. It’s got a great overall vibe that I find myself head bobbing to as an automatic response. Per Spotify read more

Weak13 – Mary

Full disclosure, I reviewed this back back in 2016 (I think) and I was kind of on the fence with the song I reviewed. So when I was scrolling for #newmusic on Spotify and found this I was really pretty read more

Lucid Rapture – Comet

Regular readers of this site know I’m not a huge Rap/Hip-Hop fan, I am however a huge fan of any one who is willing to put themselves out there like Lucid Rapture has. Comet is an interesting read more

As Strange As Angels – Curse

OH holy hell, this is my jam yo! I’ll admit it, this song is right up my ally. This is a guitar style, drum line and vocal track that I typically really like. This song is certainly as stand read more

Logans Circle – Moved On

I am really loving those choruses. So far I think that’s my favorite part of the song. The intro is slow with a really great funky bass line. Good job on that one yo! The addition of the guitar read more

Music to Quarantine with Part 1

We all know what kind of dumpster fire 2020 was. So far I can’t say that 2021 is looking much better. So how do we cope with things while some of us are back to or still in quarantine? As for read more

Shotgun Rodeo – Firewalker

Do you dig on dark heavy music vibes? Then have I got the track for you. From the minute it starts you know it’s going to be an interesting ride. I’m really entranced by the vocals. Their read more

Diementia – Ravaged By Fire

Who needs an intro to a song when the song is this damn good. Those drums are absolutely crushing, I think I would die if I tried to play even 5 seconds of the drum line. Loving it!! The guitar works read more

The Un-Romantics – Change Your Ways

That slow intro with the guitar and drums is super awesome. When the song kicks in with the vocals and a funky upbeat rhythm is really fresh and fun. There is something about the groove of the song read more

Among The Betrayed – Save Me

Clearly these kids came to rock! I’m loving that drum line so freaking much. It’s all nice and in your face, an excellent support system for that brilliant guitar work. It’s got my read more

Romantic Rebel – Dirty Love Song

I need to see Romantic Rebel tour with Halestorm! This song is amazing. I’m loving the seriously up tempo beat on that drum line. Those drums hit heavy and hard with a constant vengeance. The read more

Subterranean Popular – Queen of the World

Oh man, I feel like I did the first time I heard Nirvana or Stone Temple Pilots! This has the same grungy wonderful vibe that those bands did. I even get just the faintest whiff of Violent Femmes!! The read more

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