Diementia – Ravaged By Fire

Who needs an intro to a song when the song is this damn good. Those drums are absolutely crushing, I think I would die if I tried to play even 5 seconds of the drum line. Loving it!! The guitar works read more

Hedon – Annihilation

This particular song is one of those that is a bit out of my comfort zone, so it’s really fun to review. I don’t listen to a lot of thrashy, growly tracks so I always welcome the opportunity to listen to new songs when I can. I think this is a pretty awesome jam. The dirty vocals are really dark and evil sounding with some amazingly fast lyrical runs. There are also some areas with clean style vocals. Let’s talk about the musical composition for a minute. I love the way it has some swells and falls. I think it makes for a much more interesting piece of music. The guitar work is pretty furious with a lot of killer riffs. The drum work is top notch and keeps a heavy ass pace for the rest of the players to follow.

When it comes to exploring new styles of music it’s all too easy to end up hearing bad bands and thinking the genre sucks. Luckily for me doing these reviews I’m in a position where I can can’t take that stand. Hedon’s song is really well done. I like all the elements individually and as a whole. Honestly I would really like to hear more of their work. As to this particular song I would love to have a copy of it to play on the radio show.


Who They Are:
An awesome thrash band based out of Issaquah, WA, Hedon has played with the likes of Havok (twice), Finntroll, Blackguard, M

etsatoll, DI, Destruction,
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Ignotus Enthropya – Solid Silver

Awesome thrash music with seriously guttural growling! The music alone is enough to send any thrash metal enthusiast into a music coma, but when you add that vocal track its thrashy bliss! The guitar work is blistering with some amazing riffs worthy of breaking out your air guitar. There is a lot of movement during the course of the song. While I would label it an upbeat tempo it has moments where it slows down but that drum stays heavy and strong the whole time.

Oh I fully intend to have this band on my upcoming radio show, on my server and in my phone. That guitar solo if straight on amaze balls! It gets me pumped up for the day without breaking a sweat. I gotta say I loved every thing about this song and for thrash aficionados I bring you a gift from the gods.


Who They Are:
The band was formed in July 2009 by guitarist Christian Alexander Oppitz and bassist Balázs Molnár (ex-Twister, Rektális Szerzetesrend), who met through the latter’s ad for additional musicians for his new project. The initial musical vision was inspired by melodic death and progressive metal, with complex song structures, technical guitar solos, and athmospheric keyboard groundwork combined with harsh vocals.

After the first few jams and an enduring search for members to complete the line-up, the core of the band came into form with the addition of drummer Turcsák “Turi” Bence (Ex-Limb for a Limb, Kill With Hate), second guitarist Ádám Gerhes and keyboardist Bálint Kemény (Ex-Niburta, Númenor, Elanor). Songwriting commenced for the first instrumental demo shortly after, to promote the new band and to find a suitable vocalist.

Dávid Gazdag (Ex-Singara) was found eventually as the group’s singer in 2011, and preparations began to perform live as well. Ignotus Enthropya’s stage debut happened in april 2012, and the band did a few shows throughout the year, however, by the beginning of 2013 they were without a frontman once again. The vacant position was later filled by Turi’s friend and former bandmate Zsolt Lédeczi (Effrontery, Teurgia, Deathstruck), and work began on the first official release.

After months of silence, the band finally returned to stage in March 2014, and in September, the debut 4-track EP, entitled “Solid Silver” was also released. By that time, Bálint Kemény has left the band and was replaced by Mátyás Martinka. Ignotus Enthropya is now stronger than ever and eager to promote their music worldwide in every possible way!

The Band is:
Christian Alexander Oppitz
Balázs Molnár
Turcsák “Turi” Bence
Ádám Gerhes



Where You Can Get It:

Reverbnation logo Soundcloud logo Bandcamp


Dissident By Birth – Generation Bullshit

Some people say they need time to wake up in the morning before they listen to some thrashy metal like this. I say grow some balls! This is an awesome wake up track (I proved that this morning). I love the driving rhythm to the song and the way it matches the fierce guitar work. Some of those riffs are about as perfect as a riff can get. The vocals are an amazing mix of clean and screaming vocals. The lyrics are really well written and quite angry from what I could make out. I just loved the percussion work on this track, fast and heavy with a take no prisoner’s attitude.

I like it fast, loud and heavy so this track was right up my alley. I didn’t really get into screaming vocal styles until rather late in the game (read the last 10/15 years). I used to be a pop princess believe it or not but now a days I’m much happier sitting down and jamming it out to some thing heavy. Considering their guitar style I would put this on a playlist with some old school Pantera. Who would you put on a list with this song?


Who They Are:
Dissident By Birth, originally known as Dissident Aggressors(then just Dissident) is a Crossover – Thrash – Metalcore band t

hat was formed in 2006 in Teramo,Abruzzo Italy.

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Krudo – Option Is Destruction

Full speed ahead! Another lucky find for me, as this has excellent percussion and some of the best guitar work I’ve heard in a while. Also, thanks for giving me some moments where I can hear the bass line.  The screaming vocals are really nice, I can understand what they are saying so it’s not guttural screaming. Oh, and there is an excellent 80’s metal scream in the mix as well. The guitar is blazing fast with some impressive fret work. I like that there are some darker riffs mixed with some just out right fast ones then for fun we have that solo. Great slide work and he is making that instrument sing for real. The drum stays tight to the guitar helping keep that blistering pace alive and kicking. Combined with that vocal style this songs is an all-around winner.

Wild horses couldn’t keep me from downloading this song to my phone and my server. The men in my house are going to go nuts when they hear it. Reminds me a lot of some old Slayer and Testament that my hubby plays. You are going to want to keep this paired with other fast and heavy songs in order to keep that energy flowing.


Who They Are:
Krudo is present in the ranks of the Chilean since 2001. Metal band formed in the town of San Sebastián , Region V cultivate passion for music through the fusion of genres like thrash and progressive metal becoming the single band of the area within the style. Between September and October of 2003 they recorded the demo “Protected” and produced by J. Pablo Donoso ( Sade Studio) and with the following line ; Cristian Arriola (Voice ) , Giordano Moglia ( Guitars ) , Lucio Perez (bass) and Roberto Zuniga (drums ) . The following year working on the production of video clip of one of the themes of Protected ; ” Eye of the Hurricane ” achieving a very good review of the media and broad dissemination via Internet networks . In early 2006 Krudo enters looking for another guitarist to consolidate and strengthen the compositions further strengthen their live sound and joins the band its fifth member , Mario Ruiz , achieving record in 2007 a single demo called ” Option is Destruction ” being structured and final alignment. In early 2012 , produced by Mario Ruiz and Krudo released their debut album ” Wacky ” with 10 tracks of technical and heavy metal, this album until 2013 have generated two audiovisual clips for the songs ” Murderer ” and ” Desert ” . In March 2013, for personal reasons C. Arriola away from the band leaving the voices by M. Ruiz, G. Moglia and L. Pérez ( vocals) . Under this training to date are working on a new album composition and production of 2 video clips.

The Band is:
Giordano Moglia
Lucio Pérez
Mario Ruíz
Roberto Zúñiga




Where You Can Get It:

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Just Another Traitor – Not The American Average (Asking Alexandria Cover)

So we are all square, I am not familiar with the Asking Alexandria version of this song. So I won’t be comparing the two works.

This song will wake you up in the morning. The intro kicks your ass right off the bat, I like that. There is so much going on in this track it’s hard to keep track of where I’m at in the review. There are some amazing screaming vocals that I would love to hear more of! The clean vocals are pretty decent to, though I think sometimes the guy is pushing himself a bit hard when he hits the high end of his register. I love how this song pulls influence from several genres. I catch a bit of punk, thrash, and death metal all in one song. There is even an absolutely beautiful moment of piano work with some amazing vocal work and harmonies. I did not see that coming at all! I love this down tempo moment, it’s perfect in the middle of all the musical chaos that is the bulk of the song.

Parts of this song remind me a lot of old Obituary songs my husband listens to. Especially in those moments with that deep growling vocal style. I also think I could list this with the heavier Slipknot because they both have that chaotic musical style down to an art form. All and all this is a song that I would like to have on my server.  This may be one of the most bizarre songs that I’ve reviewed, but I also think it’s one of the most fun.


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Escapeinout – Virtual Disorder

As soon as this song kicked in I had a smile on my face. The percussion in this song is heaven sent, it’s just that good. I’m loving the change ups in the rhythm of the jam. Vocals have me all like, it’s Phil from Pantera, but Phil (though I love him) couldn’t get that kinda scream going. This guy screams like hell and then flawlessly switches over to growling his ass off. I’m on my second listen so I can catch those drums. I’m a freak for percussion. That’s one of the reasons I love Slipknot as much as I do. This drum line is going to keep your ass up and moving. So if you need to get motivated, this is your jam! I’m seeing a third listen so I can close in on those guitars. Very edgy work on the guitar lines.  I love some of these riffs, they are working so perfectly with the drums and vocals.

I’m so going to download every thing I can get my hands on from this band. I want to put them on my list with the old school metal favs like Sepultura and Pantera as well as my new favs like Slipknot and some of the Five Finger Death Punch I love to listen to. I’m still fairly new to the genre so every time I find a new band that I like I get so excited. I think the music is still greatly underplayed so I plan to make every one of my friends listen to this song and share it with all their friends. I just can’t wait to get this on my phone. I’ve got a long car trip in a month and this is going to be going with me.


Free EPK from ReverbNation.com

Who They Are:

The Escapeinout are an Italian Metal band from Scordia, (Italy) formed in 2008. The creators of the band are bass player R.G. and vocalist Strazzio. Together, they made the first demo of the band, consisting of five tracks, in a small recording studio, set up by R.G. Noise (bass). This is where they came up with the name “Escapeinout”. The name of the band has a precise meaning: escaping aimlessly

in a world
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Scream Blue Murder – What Goes Around Comes Around

OH hells yeah, this is what I needed right now. Thundering drums, completely ass kicking guitars and some vocals I can’t even understand! The vocalist has an amazing range that he exercises here, going from what sounds like the higher end of his register to a deep tone with the growling.  This is what metal is all about. I’m so grooving on those screaming vocals. This is another one of those tracks where I can’t tell you about the lyrics but that’s ok. In a song like this I tend to think of the vocals as another instrument. The pacing on this track is really uptempo with some unrelenting drum work. The guitarist is also getting one hell of a work out. There is a small piano interlude in the middle of the songs that is quite perfect for the jam.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes. If this metal masterpiece doesn’t get your ass up and moving you better check your pulse. I would recommend putting this on a playlist with bands like Slayer.


Who They Are: We are a metal band from Coventry, formed in May 2011. Recently recorded an EP with Joe and Sam graves, members of With One Last Breath at Innersound Studios! 6th December 2014 “Cut Throat Youth” EP Release

The Band is:

Aaron Bloomer – Lead Vocals
Jamie Bloomer – Drums
Alex Ablett – Guitar
Harry Goodwin – Guitar
Luke Chapman – Bass

Website: Scream Blue Murder

Twitter: @SBMmetal

Youtube: Jaime Bloomer

Where You Can Buy It:

itunes-logo[1] spotify  reverbnation-iconblack[1]


Animal – Instinct

The chaotic intro is totally fabulous! It’s like some crazy sinister carnival music in hell. When the song kick in to full gear we are treated to some exceptional screaming vocals. What is he saying? I don’t know nor do I care at the moment. I know it sounds great. This is one of those songs you put on when your really pissed at any thing. Thrash your way to sanity or some such shit. Musically I can’t imagine how they are keeping time. This jam is so fast and furious that it’s hard to take a breath. So the players better be in top shape for touring! The drums are a step past relentless and those distorted crunching guitar cords could seriously kill lesser players.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: For those day’s of hate fueled rage I think I need this song on a playlist with my Slipknot. This is a piss off your neighbors kinda tune so get it on a playlist and turn it up to 11!


Who They Are: Unknown at this time.

The Band is:

Unknown at the time.

Where You Can Buy It:
Unknown at this time.

The Curse Within – Out of Time

Are you ready for some thrashy speed metal? Then it’s time to queue up this song and prepare to piss off your neighbors! I’ve heard a lot of sloppy thrash and thankfully this song does not belong in that category.  I love the guitar work, nice and tight just like I like it. There are some grand hot dog moments with that instrument, don’t hate those moments belong right where they are.  I’m also pretty sure that the drummer loses about 20 lbs every time he plays this song. My legs ache just from listening. It’s awesome. Vocally I dig what’s being thrown down here, a good midrange register for the harmonies and a perfect gravely growl for every thing else.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I’m not a huge thrash fan most of the time. This song though I would put on a playlist. I like their vibe enough I would listen to more and I intend to share this with all my thrash loving friends. I know they will be able to appreciate this song for sure.


Who They Are: The Curse Within melds thrash, metalcore, and straight up heavy metal. Technical guitar riffs, soaring leads, powerful speedy drumming, and clean/screamed vocals are TCW’s signature sound. Combining genres of the past and present, The Curse Within finds a unique way to modernize the style of music that started the genre.

The Band is:

Eric Favot – Guitar/Lead Vocals
Johnny Mele – Drums/Vocals
Spencer Andrews – Guitar
Francesco Giuliano – Bass/Vocals
Where You Can Buy It:


Murder On Her Mind – Break Away

If you’ve got a hate on for some one grab their picture and listen to this song then systematically gouge out their eyes. In the picture that is. This is on heavy ass hard core song. The drum line alone is worth the price of admission in this song. During the chorus there is a bit of a change up with a tempering of the drums and some harmonies from the vocalist. Personally I’m a bigger fan of the thrashy guttural vocals. The guitar work is really quite spectacular as well. I had a hard time making them out over the drums, but that was because I was so into the drum line. I don’t want to take any thing away from the guitar work as it was so well done. All in all this is a great song with a nice change of tempo in the chorus but it still rocks all the way through.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I dig the thrash aspects of the song so I would definetly check out more of their stuff to see if there is more thrash gold to be had.

Who They Are: 5 piece, Heavy as ballz band from LI, NY. Order a copy of Misguided available now on iTunes! For booking inquiries email us at Murderonhermind@aol.com. follow us on Twitter and Instagram all under MurderOnHerMind!

The Band is:

Chris Chamberlain – Vocals
Joe Miele – Guitar
Vinnie Saldutti- Guitar/Vocals
Zach Magliaro – Bass
Matt Masselle – Drums

Where You Can Buy It:
Unsure at the moment.

Oracle – Gamechanger

Who They Are:  Oracle are melodic hardcore quintet based in Northampton, UK. Comprised of drummer Benjamin Williams, guitarists Jack Aaron & Kiza Collard, bassist Sam Maclean and headed up by frontman and lead vocalist Ashyy Fenlon. The band since their start in 2012 have built on and solidified their place within the local talented music scene. After sharing the stage with a host of high quality bands and writing new material, Oracle are gearing up to show their full potential in coming months.
Why I Like Them:  So here we have the illegitimate child of Static X and Sepultura.  This song has a truly breakneck speed with some thundering double bass through the majority of the song. The vocals were incredible. But then I have a lot of respect for singers that can get all growly/screaming with it. Of the thrash bands I’ve listened to the subtle break in the speed is an anomaly. I can’t say that I didn’t like it, cause I did. I found it to be an interesting twist to thrash music. I would just like to know if you get a free lifetime supply of throat lozenges when you start doing that rad ass screamy/growly thing.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Sure, every once in a while I crave some thrash music.


The Band is:

Vox: Ashyy Fenlon
Guitar: Jack Aaron
Guitar/Backing Vox: Kiza Collard
Bass: Sam Maclean
Drums: Benjamin William

Where You Can Buy It:

Coming Soon

Imminent Riot – Fuck Off and Die

Who They Are: Imminent Riot is a 4 piece punk band from St. Petersburg, FL. They play riff-based hardcore punk with a little thrash thrown in for good measure.

Why I Like Them: Umm.. cause this some totally off the hook old school punk man! The disjointed rhythms and the pacing on the vocals. I’m feeling a total Dead Kennedy’s thing here. It has the right amount of attitude and almost dirty production feel. I’ve always had a hard time with trying to describe good punk music, so my best advice is to listen yourself and the love it.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Oh God yes. I love old school punk so this already has a place on multiple playlists.

The Band is:

Guitar & Vocals: Patrick Box
Lead Guitar: Brad Wolf
Bass: Paul Swomley
Drums: Cory Smoke

Where You Can Buy It:


Osmium – So Sick Society

Who They Are: Osmium describe themselves as three 16 year old best friends who love to play some good old thrash metal. They began playing together in the 7th grade; from then on they have been forming a heavy and groovy sound of our own. They call ourselves Osmium because they are the heaviest of all heavy metal!

Why I Like It: I feel like I almost have to preface this with the fact that in my opinion one of if not the best guitarist ever was Dimebag Darrell. The reason I say this is that the guitarist on this track though having his own sound could have been taught by the master himself. The vocalist has that floaty thing going on that always gets me where I live. I’m also grooving hard core to the relentless drum beat.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Oh yea!  I’m really excited to see what these guys do as they mature as men and as a band.

Osmium is:

Coby Gray
Chase Gray
Jacob Garrard

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