From Ashes to New – Monster In Me

10 years ago I did a review for a little band called From Ashes to New. Maybe you’ve heard of them? When I initially did the review I was quite taken by the song Stay this Way. My first impression was that they reminded me a lot of old Linkin Park, think the first album Hybrid Theory. I was so damned taken with their vocals and composition that I had wished there were more stars or a love button instead of like.

Over the years this is a band I kept my eye on. I called them badass 10 years ago and these guys have continued to prove me right, album after album and year after year. I was lucky enough to finally catch them live at a small venue in Wichita a couple of years ago. I actually bought their Day One release in vinyl, and yes it was perfect.

These guys just keep rolling on with some of the best Nu Metal has to offer. Blackout is an amazing album chalk full of audio goodies that you shouldn’t pass on. To be fair I am a total fan girl when it comes to this band so my review of Monster In Me is more than likely biased, but I give zero fucks.

Monster In Me
The creepy ass opening builds into a thunderous cacophony of awesome. You can hardly wait for those drums and the reward is well worth the build up. By the time the rap vocals kick in your already sold on this track. Lyrically I think we can all relate to the story they are telling. If you’ve every been pissed, frustrated or anxious I think you’ll find some catharsis in this song. The chorus is extremely solid, truly rocks and deserves to be turned up to 11 every time. I think one of my favorite lines in the track is “So bite your tongue and walk away because I need a minute”, I know I have that thought at least once a day.

Back in the day I said if you are listening to them and aren’t in love, you have no soul. I stand by that statement to this very day. I’ve heard they are coming back to Wichita this summer and bet your ass I’ll move heaven and earth to make sure I’m at that show. I really hope to see you there.

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