Anthony Stewart Head – Behind Blue Eyes

So one again I find myself in a position where I feel I need to give you a disclaimer before the review. I am very familiar with Anthony’s music and have been for a while. I was first introduced read more

David Miller – Sweetheart Girl

This is a very sweet tune. It’s got a groovy mellow rhythm that you can sway to. It has almost a lullaby effect with the musical composition. There is a lot of rich layering with the various read more

Kondor – Hostage

I don’t ever really get any music like this. I mean I’ve had a few tracks come through that had a pop vibe to them, but this is different. This is like a pop R&B contemporary mashup of the best read more

JTODD – Okay

This is such a sweet song. I love the lyrics and the story they tell. This guy is good. It’s a complete 180 from what I’ve been listening to lately and I’m finding the lilt of his voice and his read more

Nate Maingard – Barefoot Romance

Is it just me or does Nate remind you ever so slightly of Dylan? It’s absolutely beautiful! Between the vocal style and the guitar work I don’t know what I’m more taken with. His vocal styling read more

Jen Levins – Into Sin

Jen’s lyrics really make this song worth listening to. I also really liked the guitar line here and the lack of other instruments. I’ve always loved hearing music striped down like this. It’s read more

Brett Vogel – Hallelujah

I love the original song so much that I tend to judge covers of it rather harshly. However I’m hard pressed to find anything wrong with this beautiful cover of a classic song. Brett’s voice seems read more

Calling Tempo – One Night Only Demo

I’m kinda crushing on that cello right now. It was hard for me to hear the lyrics the first time around. Silly laptop speakers, so I had to transfer the audio over to my stereo. That’s much, much read more

Kicklighter – Everyone Knows

This is a really nice upbeat song. They lyrics are a mix of random and storytelling, that makes this a very interesting piece lyrically speaking. Reminds me of some of the new wave songs I listened read more

Mike Lila – LIGAW

Awesome! I got my first foreign language song in for review. I like it! I do love lyrics so it throws me off a little bit that I don’t understand the words. What I do understand though is how it makes read more

Michael Burk – The Voyage

I’m going to call this one ambient, maybe even soundtrack music. Since I have an appreciation for both I can comfortably say that this is a really good piece. The guitar work is really nice and understated. read more

Avery Davies – In Tall Buildings (cover)

I am not familiar with the original song here, just thought you should know.
O, wait… I just got Rick Rolled, for real. This guy’s voice is absolutely amazing but doesn’t seem like it should read more

Angele – Plz’d 2 meet U

I’m having some issues with this song. I like her voice and I like (for the most part) the lyrics. But the musical composition is a little off for me. I would love to hear her backed by a more traditional read more

Typeface – My Life

So I can’t help but think of some 80’s pop songs listening to this jam. Like something from a John Hughes movie. But I think it also has some things in common with some of the Queens of the Stone read more

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