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Sebzzz – Self Esteem (Offspring Cover)

This was thrown at me through a twitter user and I couldn’t not post a review. I’m a huge fan of covers in general and I have been listening to The Offspring since their first single dropped. read more

Code Orange – Swallowing the Rabbit Whole

I was turned on to this band a few months back and every time I hear something new by them I feel like my personal definition of Metal get’s re-written. Reviewing Swallowing the Rabbit Whole was read more

The Hyena Kill – Bleached

Manchester based band The Hyena Kill released Bleached last year. It’s a banger, blending hardcore and alt rock to create something fairly unique.

The song starts off with some cleaner chords to read more

Lonely Oak Radio

If you aren't doing it already, give @LonelyOakRadio a peek. It's a great indie only station that plays all kinds of #newmusic

Music News

Villins: New York City’s most dangerous band to release debut EP The Power

Villins will release their self-produced EP The Power on March 26, 2021. The Power is available to pre-order at read more


What’s With the Metalcore Hate?

Chronically late to the metal party, I’m that friend who discovers heavy jams a decade too late. Recently fell for Asking Alexandria during a Spotify spelunking session, only to be called lame for my choices, including Metalcore misfits like Trivium. Why do we apologize for the tunes we love? Melodic Metalcore, the redheaded stepchild of Metal, deserves better!

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