UVtraveler – Day After Day

For those of us who love classic rock this is a winner! It reminds me a bit of KISS or at least that was the first band that jumped into my head. I think maybe it’s the bass style along with the guitar read more

Nikki Turley – Laid To Rest

Nikki Turley has a really interesting style. I wish the production had been a bit better because I think that had a slightly negative impact on the song. The music is a nice upbeat tempo so you could read more

Wild Horse – No Name

This song has some serious Rolling Stones influence going on. A lot of it comes from the vocalist who is channeling Mick. But it’s not just a stones influence that can be felt, it’s got just a touch read more

The Snakers – Satisfaction

I opted for this song because old school Stones songs are sacred and this is one I’ve always loved. I liked the way The Snakers played this one out. About the only thing I can say I was disappointed read more


Love that bluesy riff in the intro for the song. Sounds really great live for sure! Build up with the drums and… now we have a funky classic rock/blues track. I’m really sad that it looks like this read more

The Last Ones – Not Comin’ Back

I love the straight up old school rock feel of this song. They built this jam on solid classic rock style drum line that makes a great backbone for the guitar, bass and vocals. As far as the vocals read more

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