Killezzy – No Emotion

I really like the R&B aspects of this song. For the most part I like the lyrics. There are some parts that would prevent me from playing this around the kiddo’s. I find that is an issue read more

Arika Kane – Waiting

I have to be honest I’m not a huge fan of ballads, really of any genre. However I gotta say that Arika Kane’s voice is heaven sent. I am enjoying her soft lyrics because she has such a strength read more

Maggie Cocco – Get Me (Down)

Well this is a very different kind of song from what I’m used to. It has a very old school almost Motown feel to it. Maggie’s voice is really amazing. She really knows what her voice can do and read more

P Bailey – Mystery (Sava Boric Mix)

Nice! I don’t get much R&B and to be honest I’ve always kinda liked that genre. There are some songs out there by Usher and Pharrell that I really dig. P. Bailey has one of those voices read more

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