Musical Juice – Security Blanket

It’s been a minute since I chilled with some ambient tunes! Musical Juice has created a track that is both mellow and uptempo all at the same time. The guitar work really works to add some spice read more

Trevor Barr – Middle East Apocalyptical

If pushed I would call this an ambient piece. Not just because it doesn’t have lyrics, but the vibe of the whole track is very zen I think. It start out with this very epic feel with the big thunder read more

Akrazia Project – Public Love Clash

This is a rather interesting song. I like a lot of the sound effects they are using to create this oddly abstract piece of music. It comes off to me as an ambient work, on that would be really good read more

theWiggHead – DarkDays ft Psy Ceiling

I like the general flow and feeling of this song. It’s got an awesome dark vibe that is really working for me. The rap that overlays the music is a bit different from what I’ve heard before. I like read more

Michael Burk – The Voyage

I’m going to call this one ambient, maybe even soundtrack music. Since I have an appreciation for both I can comfortably say that this is a really good piece. The guitar work is really nice and understated. read more

Paul Gardiner – Evil Men

My initial assessment is this is a really nice upbeat ambient piece. It’s got good pacing and a high energy which is helpful if you’re trying to get stuff done around the house or something. The read more

Nemeton III – Avalon Calling

I’ve been getting a lot of ambient music lately so I decided to embrace it. I spend a lot of time chillin’ out and the right music can make or break your mellow. I like the subtle layering read more

Sycantrhope – Preservation of Perversion

Ok, so the intro is very synthy and oriental. I love the oriental vibe in just about any song. There is some simple keyboard work that overlays the synth work that is really nice.  There is a modulating read more

Benjamin Bubb – Contemplative Moonwalk

While I’m not really a fan of ambient music this one has me intrigued. The music is beautifully layered so I know I’m going to need to listen to this one multiple times before I will be read more

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