Code Orange – Swallowing the Rabbit Whole

I was turned on to this band a few months back and every time I hear something new by them I feel like my personal definition of Metal get’s re-written. Reviewing Swallowing the Rabbit Whole was read more

The Hyena Kill – Bleached

Manchester based band The Hyena Kill released Bleached last year. It’s a banger, blending hardcore and alt rock to create something fairly unique.

The song starts off with some cleaner chords to read more

The Plot In You – Superbeast (Rob Zombie Cover)

Oh holy fuck these guys can jam out a cover like no one’s business. I love the original song so much but honestly, this is how it needed to be done. That vocal style is exactly what this song was lacking.  The style is much darker and grittier almost but not quite a guttural growl, ok maybe more guttural than that. But it’s absolute perfection if you ask me. Some of the musical elements have been pumped up to match their vision of the song. The tempo and rhythm are the same but there are some tweaks here and there.

Dude, I need this song right the hell now on my playlist at home on my phone on my new radio show. I just need it! I want to take this version and throw it on a playlist with some other heavy hitting songs by Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, BFMV, and FFDP. Oh Jesus please us, I can hear that list now. I think my neighbors are going to have my guts in the morning. But I couldn’t care less… this is happening people.


Who They Are:

The Band is:
Landon Tewers – Vocals – @LandonTours
Ethan Yoder – Bass – @squeeethan
Josh Childress – Guitar – @JoshTPIY



Where You Can Get It:

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Overblood – Childhood’s Grave

I’m pretty sure the guitarist’s fingers are on fire during at least one part of this out and out metal jam. I’m not sure what I’m enjoying more in this track, the guitar work or the drum line. Both are just blazing and amazing. That double bass is absolutely killer! The vocal work is tight as hell with some serious screaming/growling vocals. This particular song has a lot of energy to it with the speed at which they play. I couldn’t get a good read on the vocals due to the style. I often have issues getting the vocals on songs like this. But that’s always been ok. I kind of look on the vocals as another instrument when used like this. It round out the song and makes a solid difference in the end result.

I’ve been exposed to a lot more hardcore metal during these last few months than I’ve had in most of my adult life. So finding songs like these that I like is so much fun. I plan to download this song and put it on my list for the radio show. Mostly cause this one is a lot of fun to listen to and heavy as hell. I’m still working on a playlist for here at the house that focuses on metal songs like this. So I can’t say what I would match it with since I’m still figuring it out. If you have suggestion please let me know in the comments.


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Who They Are:
Born in 1996 in Udine (Italy), Overblood proved to be an active part in the Italian underground since their beginning.

The band reached a stable and competitive formation only after a first demo (“Travel Soul” – 1999) and several live shows.

In 2001 the band recorded a full-length self-produced album called “Our blood” that was received with many words of encouragement from the Italian and foreign press.

The intensive live activity for the promotion of the album causes an unfortunate instability and only in the summer of 2006, after a line-up change, Overblood found again stability and motivations.

Since then the band has worked hard to re-define their changed style, in order to find a new sound following the ideas of the new formation.

The mini cd “Infected Society” (recorded at SaoJo Studio and mastered at Cutting Room Studios in Sweden) is the product of this re-elaboration.

In 2011 the band recorded at the prestigious Fear Studio Recording in Ravenna the new full-length album called “Excision”.

In 2013 Overblood released the official video for their song “Against the holy alliance”.

The Band is:
Marco Felettigh: Voice
Flavio Pasquin: Guitar
Vincenzo Leonardi: Guitar
Matteo Baruffaldi: Bass
Marco Nicola Scarel: Drums



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Downfall – Divinity

Oh my lord yes please! I love the hard core musical action that kicks you in the stones right off the bat. That drum line makes me wanna mosh like a mofo! Those screaming vocals remind me so much of the song ‘Sugar’ by System of a Down or maybe just about any Static X song ever.. Then there is that gun cock sound they use in the perfect way. I’m so digging on the guitar work, so tight but there is this awesome feel of reckless abandon that I get from it. Mixing those clean and screaming vocals then bringing in some harmonies in that bridge was a genius idea. It’s definitely got some art rock flair to it, but I would certainly call this metal heaven.

Can I have some more right now please? I wanna put this on my hateful playlist and turn up my speakers to 11 just to piss off my neighbors. The song itself is an all go no quit powerhouse that fans of metal are going to go ape over. I can’t think of any metal acts that you couldn’t pair this with. Just get it and you can thank me later.


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Who They Are:

Downfall 2012 has shared the stage with Hed(pe), The Hunger, Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper, The Damned Things, Fair to Midland, Dirty Wormz, and numerous other national acts. The band has won metal band of the year from Houston’s Radio station 94.5, and has been nominated for multiple categories yearly from The Houston Press Music Awards.

The first single off of “Every Man for Himself”, “Divinity”, is currently in rotation across the US and Canada, on FM, satellite,college and internet radio stations with the video for “Divinity” set to drop mid March 2013.

With a ferocious live show, growing radio airplay and Issue 2 slated for release April of 2013, Danny Gil, Boo Rogers and Casey Bowen have the take-over underway.

The Band is:
Danny Gil
Boo Rogers
Casey Bowen





Where You Can Get It:

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Vàrego – Hesperian

This may have one of the longest intro’s ever. I thought my sound was muted or some thing. But if you are patient and wait through it there are great rewards to be had. This is some seriously hard core heavy metal goodness. The general vibe is really sinister with a switch up tempo that goes from a quick uptempo to a slow pulse of a drum beat. The guitarist has some moments where the line is so damn fast I can barely make it out. Pretty bad ass if you ask me. Respect, cause back when I played this type of guitar line would have made me cry just to look at it. The dark grungy/screamy vocals are sheer perfection. Gritty slightly dirty and scary as hell is what I expect from a song like this and that is exactly what we are given.

I liked this song well enough that I would go check out the rest of their library. Though I don’t normally listen to hard core heavy metal, I can’t say that I never do. As a matter of fact both my husband and my eldest boy are huge fans of the genre so I do listen to it.  I sat here and thought for ever about what bands I would match them with for playlist purposes and I couldn’t really think of any one. Since I’m not very well versed on this genre trying to come up with a perfect match is beyond me. But as for my personal playlist, I would probably put them on the same list that has my Slayer, Testament and Obituary. Mostly I listen to their old stuff, but I think Varego would go well with those bands.


Who They Are:

Vàrego is a new Italian entity formed by five musicians, veterans of the underground music circuit. Born in 2009 with a sound briefly compared to various post-metal genres, the band worked with the producer Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Melvins, High on Fire, among others) for the debut album “Tvmvltvm” out in July 2012 which received positive feedback across the board. In the following year, 2013, th

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Oracle – Gamechanger

Who They Are:  Oracle are melodic hardcore quintet based in Northampton, UK. Comprised of drummer Benjamin Williams, guitarists Jack Aaron & Kiza Collard, bassist Sam Maclean and headed up by frontman and lead vocalist Ashyy Fenlon. The band since their start in 2012 have built on and solidified their place within the local talented music scene. After sharing the stage with a host of high quality bands and writing new material, Oracle are gearing up to show their full potential in coming months.
Why I Like Them:  So here we have the illegitimate child of Static X and Sepultura.  This song has a truly breakneck speed with some thundering double bass through the majority of the song. The vocals were incredible. But then I have a lot of respect for singers that can get all growly/screaming with it. Of the thrash bands I’ve listened to the subtle break in the speed is an anomaly. I can’t say that I didn’t like it, cause I did. I found it to be an interesting twist to thrash music. I would just like to know if you get a free lifetime supply of throat lozenges when you start doing that rad ass screamy/growly thing.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Sure, every once in a while I crave some thrash music.


The Band is:

Vox: Ashyy Fenlon
Guitar: Jack Aaron
Guitar/Backing Vox: Kiza Collard
Bass: Sam Maclean
Drums: Benjamin William

Where You Can Buy It:

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