Franck CARAT – Lullaby

I am really enjoying the female vocals on this track! Reminds me a bit of some of the brilliant 80’s vocalists from bands like Swing Out Sister and T’Pau. I also love the guitar line, just read more

Rain Diary – Shame (Official Uncensored)

This song comes out swinging with a grand full musical intro. Their specified genre is Dark Wave, I don’t know what that is really. To me this is a cool ass dance track. The lyrics are killing me. read more

Army On The Dance Floor – Lightning Strike

It took me a minute to wrap my head around this song. It’s got this really steady back beat that is quite relentless. I wouldn’t call this song a rapid pace peace as much as I would just read more

DEEP King – Miami Deep

You may have read some of my other house music reviews so you know it’s not some thing I normally listen to . But I gotta say this track was really kind of fun. It’s got a groovy beat going read more

Sabrina Signs – Even if you’re crazy

This is a really sweet up beat tempo song. The vocalist has a really nice innocence to her voice that I think underscores the honesty of the song she is singing. This song doesn’t show off a really read more

Thorazoo – Tempest

Who They Are: The philosophy of the band is to get the audience dancing. The style of the music is dance/funk, experimenting with such rhythms as hip-hop, salsa, house, drum and bass and techno, but read more

X86 – Unbroken

Who They Are: I don’t really have any information about the band. If I can find a bio, I will get it posted ASAP.

Why I Like Them: This song has some really interesting things happening.  I like read more

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