ZOMBIE SAM – Family Portrait

I reviewed this song for the full album review that I did on Rebelmouse not too long ago. I considered just copying that review here. I decided not to do that for a ton of reasons I won’t bother to read more

UVBulb – Black Art Of Obscurantism

I’ve come to appreciate certain aspects of instrumentals. I like that I can put it on and listen to it, yet still have a conversation with someone and not feel like I missed out on something. read more

Calling All Astronauts – Hands Up, Who Wants Metal

Ok, so here we have some Rammstein, The Prodigy, Zombie style awesomeness! I love the industrial feel here and it’s got the is totally awesome guitar riff I just can’t get enough of! This read more

Amerakin Overdose – Medicate

Who They Are: Amerakin Overdose is an Industrial- Metal / Shock Rock performance art act from Portland, OR. Known for hypnotic dance beats and horror style theatrics, blended with heavy driven metal read more

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