Zombie Sam – Carol of the Bells

Back in the day (or A long time ago in a galaxy far away) when I as in school my favorite class was choir. I especially loved choir around the holidays and of all the songs we sang over the years Carol read more

Worldwide Groove – When The Holiday Brings You Home

If you are looking for some modern Christmas music then I have an offering for you! Worldwide Groove has released a wonderful ditty for the holidays. The vocalist has the perfect voice for a Christmas song. It’s so clear, sweet and that bit of innocence I think we all look for this time of year. I’m enjoying the story line so much. Makes me wanna spend time with my loved ones sharing stories, congratulating each other on our wins and offering a supportive hand to cope with the losses. Musically it’s so interesting! It’s not a traditional band, its more electropop so it’s more of these sound effects and tones layered beautifully upon each other yet still taking a backseat to the vocals.

I’m going to download this and put it on my Christmas playlist. It’s got all my old favorites along with a couple of new songs that I know will be favorites very soon. It’s got a bit of a classic taste to it so you can put it with your older pop Christmas songs from bands like The Carpenters. It’s going to make the perfect backdrop to your holiday festivities!


Who They Are:
Worldwide Groove Corporation are definitely against the grain in the city they call home. Being known for their electronic

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