Throw the Fight – Paper Wings

I was really excited to review Throw the Fight’s Paper Wings. I had heard really good things about this band and I have to say I wasn’t at all disappointed. The track is fast paced with a driving read more

Villins – Crime

I’m not even sure where to start on this one. I had so much fun listening to this track. It’s got a great overall vibe that I find myself head bobbing to as an automatic response. Per Spotify read more

As Strange As Angels – Curse

OH holy hell, this is my jam yo! I’ll admit it, this song is right up my ally. This is a guitar style, drum line and vocal track that I typically really like. This song is certainly as stand read more

Shotgun Rodeo – Firewalker

Do you dig on dark heavy music vibes? Then have I got the track for you. From the minute it starts you know it’s going to be an interesting ride. I’m really entranced by the vocals. Their read more

Among The Betrayed – Save Me

Clearly these kids came to rock! I’m loving that drum line so freaking much. It’s all nice and in your face, an excellent support system for that brilliant guitar work. It’s got my read more

Anthony Stewart Head – Behind Blue Eyes

So one again I find myself in a position where I feel I need to give you a disclaimer before the review. I am very familiar with Anthony’s music and have been for a while. I was first introduced to his vocals on BTVS (doing a cover of this very song and Once More With Feeling) then via Youtube videos of his stint as Frank N Furter in Rocky all the way up to Repo! The Genetic Opera. I love his voice quite a lot so getting to do this review with his blessing is a real treat for me.

If youre expecting a note by note cover of The Who’s song you may be disappointing. This is a cover that was inspired by the original and it’s beautiful. Head’s vocals treat these lyrics like they are his life’s story. To me that is what makes this cover as perfect as it is. I’ve heard plenty of covers that were good, but the artists didn’t really make it their own. Anthony didn’t have that problem at all. I am in love with his added runs and drops. The emotion that he sings with is almost more than I can take. He has a great range and with the piano accompaniment this song has such a powerful punch that you have to listen to it to really understand what’s happening.


OK, so I totally expected this to be like the cover he did on Buffy. I was happily surprised by the modifications to the original arrangement. Singing it with a single piano was nothing short of brilliant. I need to get a copy of this song to put on my phone so I can take it with me and share it with the world. Scoff if you want but prior to this my favorite cover of this song was done by Limp Bizkit. In that case I really felt Durst was able to really dig and emotionally connect with the song, turning out a superior song. I have to say that Anthony Stewart Head’s interpretation of the song was a beautiful surprise, taking the song in directions I’d never thought of.

Anthony Stewart Head was born on February 20, 1954 in Camden Town, north London, England. Anthony is an English actor and musician. Having already had a successful career, with regular TV appearances and stage roles, including leads at the Royal National Theatre, he became “a household face” in the UK following his role in the, now classic, commercials for Nescafé Gold Blend (Taster’s Choice in the U.S.). He is internationally known for his roles as Rupert Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Uther Pendragon in Merlin, and for his role as Geoffrey Howe in the Oscar award winning film, The Iron Lady. He has also been attached to a number of other successful TV series: Little Britain, Dr. Who and Manchild. He was most recently seen in Stephen Poliakoff’s,

read more

War Within – Look Away

Ok, it got my attention from the first chord. Reminds me a bit of Godsmack on steroids. I love the dark mid tempo pacing of the track. The dirty guitar works perfectly with those taunting drums. This guys vocals are incredible. Just the right amount of grit at the perfect moments. I also appreciate the cleaner style of vocals as well. But for me this is all about that guitar. Sure there is some hot dogging in the solo, but that’s where it should be. And if this guy has the chops to play the way he does, why not highlight it? I wasn’t able to catch all the lyrics on this one, but in a rather rare situation I just don’t care. I find the vocal track to be another instrument in the overall composition of the song. Every thing seems to work together so well that it all flows with out any thing overly taking over. I’m just really partial to the guitar line because it reminds me of some of my favorite guitar lines from the 80’s.


I loved this song more than enough to check out some of their other tunes. Their guitarist gives me goose bumps listening to his riffs. I think this would work for any song that has a solid guitar line, a groovy dark vibe or a deep drum track. I’m sick with a head cold today so I’m having a hell of at time thinking of songs or artist to pair it up with. Maybe you guys can provide some suggestions in the comments section below.

Free Electronic Press Kits from

War Within was formed in 2011 by Drummer Louis Schiavone and Guitarist Jeff Baldonado both Formally
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Jukebox Monkey – Dead Wait

My initial thoughts were “I love that dirty guitar sound”! Also loving the slow burn tempo on the drum line. I’m certainly feeling a sense of anticipation. So so the vocals are the payoff on this song. There is something so freaking Tool about the way the guy sings it’s insane. There is a bit of grit to his voice that seems to be at his beck and call. Bringing it out for the versus then reeling it back on the chorus was a brilliant move. I also noted a few perfectly timed vocal breaks that work so well with the overall song. I would say this qualifies as a hard rock tune due to the steady mid tempo drum line and the guitar style. All the players work together to create the perfect storm of rock music, complete with a Rock Band worth guitar solo.


JukeBox Monkey is going on my server and my phone. There was so much that I liked about this track it’s hard to put into words. I could queue this up with some Tool or Theory of a Deadman and it would work so well with either. It has an odd floaty sense that I love in music. It makes me want to do nothing more than sit and sway while listening. Make sure you check this one out or your going to be sorry!

Jukebox Monkey – a four-piece southern stoner rock juggernaut formed in 2010 from the deep dark inbred forests of Kent, UK – return with their latest slice of riff-dom, Vs Time.

Defined by their monolithic groove-stomping stoner rock, their sound steals shamelessly from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC alongside modern head-butts to Down, Clutch and Kyuss.

Vs Time, out on Jan 12th 2015, is 5 fat slabs of heavy pounding sonic assault that will take you on a bass-bruising progressive journey which you’ll not want to end.

The monkey is loose, on the road in 2015 and it’s after your throat. If you see it, don’t feed it.

The Band is:

Chris D- Vocals and guitar
Pete – Drums
Chris H- Guitar
Niki J – Bass




Where You Can Get It:

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Autumn Stay – Sheep

Ummm… hell ya! I love the thundering drums in the intro of this song. As it breaks into the first verse the vocals kick in and I would love to know where this songbird has been hiding all my life. She has such a strong full voice and a great ability to connect with the lyrics. The vocals are smooth as silk but she can pull off an edgier angry style as well. There is something almost ethereal about her style. The guitar work is so bad ass. It’s not an overly complicated line, but it is done with such precision and grace that a complicated line isn’t necessary in the least little bit. The fact that it’s all backed by that brilliant drum work is just the topping on the Sunday that is this song.

Would I listen to more? Oh hells to the yea! I loved every thing about this song. It had a perfect balance between the music and the vocals. I could put this on a list with Halestorm, Forever Still, some of the heavier Stone Sour and

read more

After The Nightfall -Remnants

Ready to get your asses kicked by some serious metal? Then have I got the track for you. After The Nightfall has what I consider the full package. While very reminiscent of Bullet For My Valentine they have their own style and flavor that has to be heard. I love the percussion they are rocking. Nice heavy hitting double bass with a solid core. Those double bass runs are just this side of perfection! The vocals are so fucking solid with some nice clean vocals backed up with some epic screaming vocals. I defy you to play that guitar solo on Rockband. It’s got all kinds of energy and serious movement. The speeding scale work was very well done indeed.


I would totally listen to more of this band. For those of us who live for metal this is a must have track. You could pair it with some Slipknot, FFDP, BFMV, Butcher Babies and Avenged Sevenfold and be a happy little camper. I’m thinking I need to get a copy of this song on my phone as well as my server since I can think of 10 people off the top of my head that need to hear this jam. Did you love it? Let me know what you thought in the comments section below!


After The Nightfall is an alternative metal band currently residing in Guadalajara, Mexico, formed in late 2010 by: Chris Watters(vocals), Bernardo Lara(guitar), J.I Serna(Guitar), Daniel Archundia(drums) and David Montiel(bass)

Chris Watters (Vocals)
Ines Serna (Guitar)
Bernardo Lara (Guitar)
David Montiel (Bass)
Daniel “Arch” Archundia (Drums)

official facebook page for after the nightfall

read more

DIAMANTE – Bite Your Kiss (Explicit)

I have to say that this was an excellent song to come back to! I love the rough edges Diamante has to her voice. She has an amazing control over her breaks and with that bit of gravel I have to say this one is a winner. This is a great song to get pumped to if you and your girls are getting ready for a night out on the town. As far as the music I think that it’s a perfect mesh for her vocal style. The lyrics are awesome. I love that line about riding shotgun on your lips. And did I mention this girl can really scream? I love it when I find a female vocalist that can take any dude to the hole and Diamante certainly fits the bill in this track. The guitar work is nice and dirty just the way I like it. The percussion is sweet, not slammin’ but for this type of track it’s damn near perfect.


I got all giddy when the song started. I’m always looking for new uptempo rocking ass songs to throw on my own playlist. I would pair this up with some Halestorm because I think that Diamante’s voice would be a perfect companion to Lzzy Hales. I would also throw some Stitched Up Heart to that list as well. I can see me putting this on my server and on my phone. I gotta check out more of this girls music!


Who They Are:
Teen Rocker DIAMANTE kicks off 2014 with back to back singles on the January Billboard Hot Singles Sales Charts, wi

th “SAVAGE” at #5 and “BURNS” at #6, peaking to #3 in May with the newest hit release “BITE
read more

Strength In Shadows – War Machine

Ok, this song is nothing but fun from the get go. The guitar work is absolutely stellar, the drums are fast and thunderous. I’m in freaking love with the clean and dirty vocals. This is a fast and furiously upbeat rock your ass song. The bridge where is slows down just a bit (mostly in the vocal style) really is working for me. It’s just the momentary break that you need. When it picks back up your ready for it to kick your ass again. There is a sweet ass guitar solo in the middle that will blow your mind. This guy is good and I don’t mean just good, I mean great. There is so much fret work going on I’m getting finger cramps right now. This is like the best of the 80’s stlye rock with today’s metal influence.

This may well be the perfect song. I could put it on a list with everyone from HIM to Stone Sour back to some classic Motley Crue and Skid Row.  I need this song on my phone and my server. I neeeeed to be able to take this track with me everywhere I go so I can make people listen to it. I’m not going to stick to a genre here, all I’m going to say is if you like music you should be listening to this song right now.


Who They Are:
We all have our shadows. It’s those dark parts of our lives and of our past that make us who we are, just as much as the positive things that have happened to us. It’s those secrets that give us strength. Strength In Shadows.

The Band is:
Open Auditions – Vocals
Brandon Melendez- Lead Guitar
Nick Lu- Guitar
Tyler Larson- Bass
Jean Arce- Drums



Where You Can Get It:

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RavenCroft – Greed

Nice dirty guitars always make me smile. The vocals are pretty sweet as well. They remind me of some of the 80’s rock I love so much. Oh yea, that is a total 80’s scream right there. The guitar work is tight as hell with a serious love for down and dirty. My favorite thing may well be the drums though. I do love a good percussion line. There isn’t anything that they are doing anything different in that vein, just doing it right. The timing is perfect and the drum line allows the guitar and the bass to do this awesome Vulcan mind meld thing.

So what I’m saying to you is if you have a love for 80’s rock then you have to give this track a listen. As far as the retro 80’s style bands this is one of the best. They managed to take the best of the 80’s and make them all shiny and new with some modern techniques. So nothing here sounds stale or like you’ve heard the song before. That always bums me out.


Who They Are:
Ravencroft is a powerhouse rock-and-roll band whose music is marked by powerful and soulful lead vocals backed by hard-driving guitar sounds and a tight flashy rhythm section . Ravencroft music reminds you of all the great rock bands, yet sounds like none other! If you like Rock n’ Roll, you’ll love Ravencroft ! They are currently recording their 3 CD.

The Band is:
David Roberts-Lead Vocals
Larry Ellington-Lead Guitar/Vocals
Michael Eckeberger-Guitar/Vocals
Alan Kirk-Bass
Clayton Jones-Drums/Vocals




Where You Can Get It:

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Schemata Theory – A Complex Slate

I really loved just about everything about this song. Vocally there are some wicked awesome clean vocals backed by some equally sweet screaming style vocals. I even caught a few sustained notes that were dead on. The guitar work is pretty damn breathtaking! It’s obvious their guitarists have some sick skills when it comes to their instruments. I gotta tell you this has the kind of percussion I’m always on the lookout for.  Love those pulsing drum lines that tend to beat the crap outta you if you crank it like I tend to do. Between the varied vocal styles, the guitar work and the drum line this song is a major win for my collection.

This is one of those tracks that as soon as I heard it I wondered why I’m not hearing it on the radio already.  I can’t wait to hear some more of Schemata Theory’s songs. This one has me all like “I need this song right now!” I want it on my phone and my server plus I would love to play it on my upcoming radio show. This song would fit in perfectly.


Who They Are:
Schemata Theory is a six piece metal band based in Reading, Berkshire. Combining many aspects of the metal genre, the band’s

debut album ‘Dry
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