John Taglieri – Fly

I love the guitar work, it’s not a complicated line but it’s a lot more than just the standard country line. There is some thing about his voice though that at times really makes me think read more

Out Of Ether – Daddy Don’t Let Go

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, from time to time I listen to country music. Not often mind you, but some times. This song is one reason that I do listen. I love her vocals, not overly read more

Billy Brown – Jolene

I am a huge fan of the original song by Dolly Parton. It’s a heartbreaking song that when done right is gut wrenching. Billy’s take on this classic country song is amazing. He was able to take this read more

David R. Guitard – Wasted Away

I’m not really sure what to say about this song. I feel a lot of influence from Neil Young and maybe some Johnny Cash when it comes to the lyrical content and song. I liked that aspect of the song. read more

Autumn Blair – No Place Like Home

While country isn’t my wheelhouse for music, I do listen to it and have some favorite country songs and singers. Nothing I would call recent though. This song makes me want to touch base with my country read more

Musical Pearls (Steve Neilson)/ This Side of Life – Born No Good

*This is not your ordinary review. Upon entering Musical Pearls I learned this is not a band, but a collection of stories set to music, sorta. It’s an interesting concept so I’ve decided I’m going read more

Daniel Pearson – Lost My Way

Ok, I kinda like this a lot. It’s not country, it’s not 60’s folk rock it’s actually some where in between. That makes it a fairly rare gem in my book. Daniel has such an interesting read more

Rachel Layne – I Wonder

This is a very sweet song. I love the poetry in the lyrics and Rachel is able to paint a lovely picture with her voice. Her guitar work is beautifully done. You can tell she spends a lot of time working read more

Judy Rae Jae – He’s Just a Friend of Mine

I think though between the lyrics and the twangy guitar in the background I would say this is more like old school county. I’m thinking like Patsy. Man I loved Patsy. Any who… this girl read more

Cosmic Crash – Here Comes The Rain

The best way for me to review this song is to tell you how it makes me feel. The intro had me feeling a bit nostalgic for the old days when I was listening to Springsteen. I am so in love with the vocals read more

Theory of a Deadman – Livin’ My Life Like A Country Song

Who They Are:  In the middle of 2013, the platinum-selling Canadian quartet began working on what would become its fifth full-length album, Savages [Roadrunner Records/604]. However, everything in read more

Nathaniel Brant – So Far Away

Who They Are: Nathaniel spent several years in Nashville, TN writing songs (Country and Alternative) for major and independent label pitches. He has shifted gears now to create music for his debut read more

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