GutterLIFE – Pursuit Of Hopelessness

Thank you, thank you so much for making this song. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this track. It’s perfectly punk/metal! The guitar work is amazing. It’s fast and tight with just the right read more

Lovesick Saints – War Story

I love the sound of bagpipes in the morning! As an intro I think it works really well. Don’t believe me well just as Korn, or these guys! So it’s like if punk vocals met up with a hardcore musical read more

Odd Hours – Khaleesi

Ok, this may be one of the most original songs I’ve gotten to review so far. It took me a while listening to it figure out what I wanted to say about it. This chick reminds me so much of Debbie Harry read more

Of Course Not – Contagious

I really like this tune! It reminds me of some of the Paramour I’ve heard. The lead vocals are so strong and yet it sounds absolutely effortless. The musical composition is so damn well done. Instead read more

High/Low – Crashland

Looking for something upbeat and full of energy? This may be your jam! While it’s not really what I would consider punk, it’s not that far off the mark. So maybe more like Pop/Punk style. I’m read more

Cross Wires – Vultures

This is so crazy! I got 2 punk songs in one day. I’m so happy now!! This is another great punk song that you can really get up and get crazy with. I love the retro sound thing they have going on. read more

The Unsatisfied – Apocalypse of Joan

OMG, it’s like some old school punk. And I mean old school, when the songs were about seeing your mommy dead and shit. I love the style of this song. It reminds me of everything I loved about college read more

World War Me – Michelle

Nice tight upbeat rhythm. I like the pace of the song. The vocals are outstanding, with a surprising range from the lead vocalist. The vocal and musical style of the verses is really quite enjoyable. read more

Straight Red – Coming Undone

A nice rhythmic almost throbbing beat backs this track. It’s kinda punkish with the tempo of the song and the vocal style. Vocally I think back to some of the new wave bands of the 80’s. read more

WEAK 13 – Joke

This is a punky kind of jam. There are all the earmarks with the staccato style drum lines and the minimal but clearly there guitar riffs. I like the vocals, they are kind of gruff and pretty clipped. read more

Summer City – We Were On A Break

I like the sense of reckless abandon that the music has going for it. The song takes the best elements from pop/rock/punk and nu-metal to deliver an extremely hooky tune. I love the unique quality of read more

Rat Neck – Serpent Bitch

Good groove, funky bass, nice drum line. Ok, so you’ve got my attention. It seems what we have here is a punk/ metal baby. I mean if punk and metal had a baby it would most certainly be this band. read more

The Hard Ponys – Maybe That’s the Way

Good distorted guitars, heavy drum beat not to fast not to slow. I’m feeling this whole old, old school punk vibe. The production value on the copy I’m working with is a bit low, but in read more

Down To Friend – Unauthorized Party of Destruction

At first I was totally feeling this 80’s vibe with the beat and guitars. But as soon as the vocals kicked it it was so much more! This is a really great upbeat poppy/punk style with some really read more

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