What’s With the Metalcore Hate?

Chronically late to the metal party, I’m that friend who discovers heavy jams a decade too late. Recently fell for Asking Alexandria during a Spotify spelunking session, only to be called lame for my choices, including Metalcore misfits like Trivium. Why do we apologize for the tunes we love? Melodic Metalcore, the redheaded stepchild of Metal, deserves better!

Far Beyond Driven – A deeply Personal Dive into Pantera’s Third Album

I came of age in the suburbs during the late 80’s early 90’s.  Where I lived could have easily been called Pop country.  No one I went to school with listened to anything other the “mainstream” read more

Code Orange – Swallowing the Rabbit Whole

I was turned on to this band a few months back and every time I hear something new by them I feel like my personal definition of Metal get’s re-written. Reviewing Swallowing the Rabbit Whole was read more

Shotgun Rodeo – Firewalker

Do you dig on dark heavy music vibes? Then have I got the track for you. From the minute it starts you know it’s going to be an interesting ride. I’m really entranced by the vocals. Their read more

Diementia – Ravaged By Fire

Who needs an intro to a song when the song is this damn good. Those drums are absolutely crushing, I think I would die if I tried to play even 5 seconds of the drum line. Loving it!! The guitar works read more

Among The Betrayed – Save Me

Clearly these kids came to rock! I’m loving that drum line so freaking much. It’s all nice and in your face, an excellent support system for that brilliant guitar work. It’s got my read more

Angels on the Battlefield – A Walking Plague


This may be the song that makes me love instrumentals. Normally I’m one of those people who likes every song to have a lyrical content. This song however would not be as awesome as it is with them. I’m in love with that low slung bass line. It’s got an awesome percussion groove and the guitar work is pretty damn stellar. Sure there is some serious hot dogging with the guitar riffs, but if you could do it wouldn’t you? It’s not often that a bass line gets as much attention as this one does, so good on you for that. I gotta say the combination of fiery licks, a fat ass bass line and the drum track from hell all come together to make this song a winner.

I’m fascinated with this band. Despite the lack of lyrics I find it to be a very visual song. I can see this being used in a soundtrack for every thing from car chases to “oh no the killer is going to get me” scenes. I would love to pair this up with some Avenged Sevenfold and Agony In The Garden. Not because these bands are known for their instrumental works, but more the overall tone of their music. Metal fans should really make sure they check this band out.

Who They Are:

There are many times we find ourselves at a loss for words; whether it be a difficulty to express an emotion, an impossibili

ty to convey an image, or
read more

Autumn Stay – Sheep

Ummm… hell ya! I love the thundering drums in the intro of this song. As it breaks into the first verse the vocals kick in and I would love to know where this songbird has been hiding all my life. She has such a strong full voice and a great ability to connect with the lyrics. The vocals are smooth as silk but she can pull off an edgier angry style as well. There is something almost ethereal about her style. The guitar work is so bad ass. It’s not an overly complicated line, but it is done with such precision and grace that a complicated line isn’t necessary in the least little bit. The fact that it’s all backed by that brilliant drum work is just the topping on the Sunday that is this song.

Would I listen to more? Oh hells to the yea! I loved every thing about this song. It had a perfect balance between the music and the vocals. I could put this on a list with Halestorm, Forever Still, some of the heavier Stone Sour and

read more

After The Nightfall -Remnants

Ready to get your asses kicked by some serious metal? Then have I got the track for you. After The Nightfall has what I consider the full package. While very reminiscent of Bullet For My Valentine they have their own style and flavor that has to be heard. I love the percussion they are rocking. Nice heavy hitting double bass with a solid core. Those double bass runs are just this side of perfection! The vocals are so fucking solid with some nice clean vocals backed up with some epic screaming vocals. I defy you to play that guitar solo on Rockband. It’s got all kinds of energy and serious movement. The speeding scale work was very well done indeed.


I would totally listen to more of this band. For those of us who live for metal this is a must have track. You could pair it with some Slipknot, FFDP, BFMV, Butcher Babies and Avenged Sevenfold and be a happy little camper. I’m thinking I need to get a copy of this song on my phone as well as my server since I can think of 10 people off the top of my head that need to hear this jam. Did you love it? Let me know what you thought in the comments section below!


After The Nightfall is an alternative metal band currently residing in Guadalajara, Mexico, formed in late 2010 by: Chris Watters(vocals), Bernardo Lara(guitar), J.I Serna(Guitar), Daniel Archundia(drums) and David Montiel(bass)

Chris Watters (Vocals)
Ines Serna (Guitar)
Bernardo Lara (Guitar)
David Montiel (Bass)
Daniel “Arch” Archundia (Drums)

official facebook page for after the nightfall

read more

Curses – Lies Like Tides

Loving the funky intro so much. It’s dark, it’s carny it’s just plain fun. The equally dark dirty vocals are extremely well done. Oh my God, there are clean vocals in this track as well, and they are beautiful! I love the back and forth nature of the two vocalists. It adds a brilliant depth to this song. The drums thunder along at a good clip and the drummer knows when to go hard and when to back it off. The guitar is almost lost during certain parts of the song due to the dirty vocals but then they come barreling at you with both guns blazing.


This is not a matter of if I want to listen to more of their stuff, it’s a matter of I have to listen to more. I loved everything about this song. I loved the vocals so freaking much. I can’t even form coherent sentences to sum up my feelings about those voices. Then there is the music which is thundering and dark and a bit devilish. I think you could match this song up with just about any thing and every thing that rocks ass. My mind is racing as I consider everything from old Metal to Nu Metal. You just gotta listen to it.

The Band is:
Brandon Casto: Vocals
Eli Fry: Vocals
Davey Nicewander: Guitar
Michael Olivares: Bass/Vocals
Shane Cyrus: Drums
Tyler Meadows: Guitar/Vocals




Where You Can Get It:

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Heart Impaled – Rotation

Wow this one just jumps right on in there and starts kicking your ass from the first note. Now that is what you need for your alarm clock! I would call this a driving pace but that doesn’t even seem to be adequate. I feel like my heart is going to explode out of my chest if I don’t get up and do something soon the energy of this track is that intense. The percussion just never lets up, I mean this guy could go toe to toe with the best drummer you can think of and then kick his ass. The guitar work blazes by so fast, I can’t for the life of me imagine playing this. It’s hard and heavy taking no prisoners or making any apologies for what it is.

Seriously, is this what a heart attack feels like? Oh my god… I feel like I should do some stretches or something so I don’t hurt any muscles. I loved it! Despite the fact that this song has no lyrics, I loved it. I can’t see how any vocalist could keep up with the musical composition any way. I need to get this song. I have to have it, it’s a moral imperative. And you should listen to it too.


Who They Are:

Continuously evolving metal act, Heart Impaled. First started by as an entirely electronic project created for the purpose of putting music to PC games in 2001. Around 2003-2004 a heavy emphasis on guitars, sampling and distortion was added to achieve a heavier tone. 2005, onward live instrumentation and the crossover into the metal genre proceeded.

Influenced by the sounds of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Meshuggah, Anthrax, Testament, Soilwork, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Black label Society, White Zombie and many others. Also video game music and movie soundtracks.

My goal is to make video games based on metal albums.
And to make metal albums based on video game ideas.

To bring these multiple arts together through music. The purpose is to possibly inspire the creation of something beyond just the music itself. Books, games, animation. A plugging into a sound of hard and heavy music to inspire new media. Completely influenced by the use of hard music to blur the lines between the two and altogether create this unique genre that takes metal to this next generation of the metal fans who didn’t exactly grow up reading just about dragons and superhero comic books, but playing video games, watching movies, animation and listening to the metal.

Thank you all for the support and appreciation!




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GutterLIFE – Pursuit Of Hopelessness

Thank you, thank you so much for making this song. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this track. It’s perfectly punk/metal! The guitar work is amazing. It’s fast and tight with just the right amount of grunginess to the playing style. The drums are thunderous and totally in your face. This particular track breaks tons of the laws of music but that is what makes this song. It’s got a totally chaotic nature running from upbeat to down tempo but always with pure punk flair. The vocals are exactly what you would want from a punk/metal song. Very rage filled and delivered with perfect conviction.

Can I please have this song? I will play it here, I will play it there, I will play it anywhere. I gotta have this on my phone and my server. Additionally I wanna kick people’s ass with this one on the radio show! There wasn’t anything here that I could pick on and say needs work. All it needs is to be in one of my playlist with some Rise Against and Imminent Riot!





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Ignotus Enthropya – Solid Silver

Awesome thrash music with seriously guttural growling! The music alone is enough to send any thrash metal enthusiast into a music coma, but when you add that vocal track its thrashy bliss! The guitar work is blistering with some amazing riffs worthy of breaking out your air guitar. There is a lot of movement during the course of the song. While I would label it an upbeat tempo it has moments where it slows down but that drum stays heavy and strong the whole time.

Oh I fully intend to have this band on my upcoming radio show, on my server and in my phone. That guitar solo if straight on amaze balls! It gets me pumped up for the day without breaking a sweat. I gotta say I loved every thing about this song and for thrash aficionados I bring you a gift from the gods.


Who They Are:
The band was formed in July 2009 by guitarist Christian Alexander Oppitz and bassist Balázs Molnár (ex-Twister, Rektális Szerzetesrend), who met through the latter’s ad for additional musicians for his new project. The initial musical vision was inspired by melodic death and progressive metal, with complex song structures, technical guitar solos, and athmospheric keyboard groundwork combined with harsh vocals.

After the first few jams and an enduring search for members to complete the line-up, the core of the band came into form with the addition of drummer Turcsák “Turi” Bence (Ex-Limb for a Limb, Kill With Hate), second guitarist Ádám Gerhes and keyboardist Bálint Kemény (Ex-Niburta, Númenor, Elanor). Songwriting commenced for the first instrumental demo shortly after, to promote the new band and to find a suitable vocalist.

Dávid Gazdag (Ex-Singara) was found eventually as the group’s singer in 2011, and preparations began to perform live as well. Ignotus Enthropya’s stage debut happened in april 2012, and the band did a few shows throughout the year, however, by the beginning of 2013 they were without a frontman once again. The vacant position was later filled by Turi’s friend and former bandmate Zsolt Lédeczi (Effrontery, Teurgia, Deathstruck), and work began on the first official release.

After months of silence, the band finally returned to stage in March 2014, and in September, the debut 4-track EP, entitled “Solid Silver” was also released. By that time, Bálint Kemény has left the band and was replaced by Mátyás Martinka. Ignotus Enthropya is now stronger than ever and eager to promote their music worldwide in every possible way!

The Band is:
Christian Alexander Oppitz
Balázs Molnár
Turcsák “Turi” Bence
Ádám Gerhes



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The Plot In You – Superbeast (Rob Zombie Cover)

Oh holy fuck these guys can jam out a cover like no one’s business. I love the original song so much but honestly, this is how it needed to be done. That vocal style is exactly what this song was lacking.  The style is much darker and grittier almost but not quite a guttural growl, ok maybe more guttural than that. But it’s absolute perfection if you ask me. Some of the musical elements have been pumped up to match their vision of the song. The tempo and rhythm are the same but there are some tweaks here and there.

Dude, I need this song right the hell now on my playlist at home on my phone on my new radio show. I just need it! I want to take this version and throw it on a playlist with some other heavy hitting songs by Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, BFMV, and FFDP. Oh Jesus please us, I can hear that list now. I think my neighbors are going to have my guts in the morning. But I couldn’t care less… this is happening people.


Who They Are:

The Band is:
Landon Tewers – Vocals – @LandonTours
Ethan Yoder – Bass – @squeeethan
Josh Childress – Guitar – @JoshTPIY



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