Rachel Layne – I Wonder

This is a very sweet song. I love the poetry in the lyrics and Rachel is able to paint a lovely picture with her voice. Her guitar work is beautifully done. You can tell she spends a lot of time working read more

Leona’s Sister – Night Turns Into Darkness

I love the grungy guitar work, that always makes me smile. While this chick sounds nothing like Courtney Love I have to say that she has that same vocal style. Kinda sloppy delivery with a lot of grit read more

Roblea Music – 15 Martin 3111

Ok, this is a pretty funky jam. There’s a lot going on musically with the beats and sound effects, it certainly feels like a party in a song. This song is sans vocals so there really isn’t read more

Nou Enle – Romeo

Why I Like Them: No many acoustic acts make my radar. I am really glad this one did. This is truly a mellow treat for the ears. I dig the violin in this track, and how often do you get to say that? read more

All Whales Go To Heaven – The Foolish and the Young

Who They Are: All whales Go To Heaven are a four-piece alternative indie band based in Cambridge.

Why I Like Them: Loving the funky feel of this tune. There is some really tight drum work going on. read more

Clones of Clones – Mr. Sanity

Who They Are: Full of passion, kind of nerdy, sort of mad-scientist-y but never pretentious– they’re a group of four guys that just want to have a good time with music, read more

Jet Black Sunrise – In Flight

Who They Are: Jet Black Sunrise is a 5-piece indie pop/rock from Boston, MA. They blend intricate harmonies with inspired rock arrangements to provide an eclectic listening experience and an energetic read more

Seeing Sirens – Ain’t It Somethin (Feat. Cameron P.)

Who They Are: Seeing Sirens is a duo based in NYC. The group consists of Matthew a Multi-instrumentalist and Singer/songwriter Emily. Seeing Sirens perform a wide variety from Indie rock to hard rock. read more

Dirty Kluger – Animals

Who They Are: I couldn’t find a ton of information about this band. So I’ll say this: they are a bunch of cool dudes.

Why I Liked It: I like a nice upbeat rhythm! It has this great kinda read more

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