Zombie Sam – Carol of the Bells

Back in the day (or A long time ago in a galaxy far away) when I as in school my favorite class was choir. I especially loved choir around the holidays and of all the songs we sang over the years Carol of the Bells was always my personal favorite. It’s such a layered piece with so much movement that I can’t imagine any one not loving it.

So when Zombie Sam let me in on his Christmas secret I was beyond thrilled. I recently had the pleasure of doing a album review and a Q & A with him and found him to be an intelligent, charming and extremely talented individual. For fans you can understand why when he told me he was doing a version of the perfect Christmas song I got really excited.

When he sent me the song I was ready to burst! I got it on my server as quickly as I could so I could play it. His music is always so visual and this was no different. It has such beautiful crescendos! I feel like I could fly when I listen to his song, it’s like a salve for my soul. The orchestral work is amazing. Every section, every instrument is on point for this project. Vocal work by the choir sounds like heaven, such high and sweet. Yet there is just a bit of a sinister vibe to some of the vocals. Adding vocals from Sophia from Season of Ghosts was a brilliant addition. Her vocals always amaze me.

Overall, this is exactly what I would expect from Zombie Sam. It is beautifully composed, brilliantly played and spot on vocal work. I already have it downloaded to my server at home and on my phone. It will be in my Christmas playlist when my family and friends are over. I’m excited to share this with all of them but especially my father who also loves the song.

 Zombie Sam Christmas

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