Villins: New York City’s most dangerous band to release debut EP The Power

Villins will release their self-produced EP The Power on March 26, 2021. The Power is available to pre-order at

Featuring lead singer Jesyka and guitarist/producer Kareem ‘Jesus’ Devlin, Villins have built a reputation in the New York area for their tightly produced live shows that transform even small venues into arena-like atmospheres. With a dazzling mix of power vocals, lasers, memorable choreography, and a palpable onstage chemistry, Villins have secured residencies at The McKittrick Hotel (Home of Sleep No More) and Arlene’s Grocery, performed at anime conventions, and made a special guest appearance on Adult Swim, among many other exciting ventures.

In 2020, Villins recorded their first EP, The Power. The four song EP includes ‘Let’s Break Some Shit’, the song they performed for their appearance on Adult Swim’s Desperate Losers. The Power EP is a direct interpretation of their live show, beginning with ‘Lightgiver’, a rock heavy track, continuing right into the high energy ‘Let’s Break Some Shit’, the sensual ‘Do It For the Thrill’, and ending on the cinematic title track, which pays homage to Villins’ diverse range of influences. The EP’s themes are empowering, unapologetically sexy, and intentionally over the top. The Power showcases the muscular guitar work that earned Kareem his nickname “Jesus” from Lady Gaga on her Monster Ball tour. As a whole, the EP is guitar centric, featuring searing, memorable solos and driving riffs, but it’s especially exhibited on the balls to the wall title track.

The first time Jesyka saw Kareem, he was playing lead guitar on Lady Gaga’s The Monster Ball World Tour HBO special. Fate brought them together when Kareem produced an EP for Jesyka’s former band. They developed intense creative chemistry almost instantly and went on to form Villins in 2016. Wasting no time, they began playing live shows in 2017, while writing and recording songs.

The Power was recorded at Villins HQ during NYC’s COVID quarantine. Live drums were performed remotely by Gunnar Olsen (Mother Feather, Puscifer, Bruce Springsteen) and engineered by Ryan Howe. Joshua Valleau mixed the EP, and Chris Gehringer from Sterling Sound mastered it. It will be available through Spotify, Apple Music, and wherever music is streamed and sold, as well as in physical copies through Bandcamp.

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