Scott Weiland launching new band, wants to be Axl Rose

Ok, so maybe I made up the last part of the headline but it was funny. He seems to really enjoy playing with any one who has played with Axl. First and most famously there was his stint in Velvet Revolver which was really in many ways Guns and Roses The Return.  Now it looks like Weiland is going after members of the current GNR line up by tapping Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal to play in his new band Art of Anarchy. The Super Group will complete it’s line up with bassist John Moyer (Disturbed), guitarist Jon Votta and drummer Vince Votta.

Looks like Mr. Weiland is going to be pretty busy this year as he’s also working and getting ready to release a new album with his band Wildabouts. Shortly after the album drops they will start touring. Art of Anarchy is set to release it’s debute album some time this spring.

I was able to find this preview on Youtube. Some of the songs sound like the kind of thing we heard with Velvet Revolver and some of it’s a lot heavier than what you would expect from a Weiland project. Occasionally there is a little bit of the old style STP as well.  Check out this album preview and tell me what you think.

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