What’s With the Metalcore Hate?

Chronically late to the metal party, I’m that friend who discovers heavy jams a decade too late. Recently fell for Asking Alexandria during a Spotify spelunking session, only to be called lame for my choices, including Metalcore misfits like Trivium. Why do we apologize for the tunes we love? Melodic Metalcore, the redheaded stepchild of Metal, deserves better!

Far Beyond Driven – A deeply Personal Dive into Pantera’s Third Album

I came of age in the suburbs during the late 80’s early 90’s.  Where I lived could have easily been called Pop country.  No one I went to school with listened to anything other the “mainstream” read more

Deep Dive #1 – Device’s Cover of Wish by NIN

I’m setting here working on the website, beating my head against a wall over a plugin when this song pops up on my Spotify list. I’ve listened to this song probably a thousand times both read more

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