Deep Dive #1 – Device’s Cover of Wish by NIN

I’m setting here working on the website, beating my head against a wall over a plugin when this song pops up on my Spotify list. I’ve listened to this song probably a thousand times both by Nine Inch Nails and Disturbed, I always feel the same way. While the Nine Inch Nails original is amazing and all that the Disturbed version is what I think this song always wanted to be.

Let’s break down Device’s cover first. There is such a frenetic energy to the way Wish played this one that is hard to quantify. I don’t think it’s any faster or louder But I think it’s more angry than NIN’s version. Draiman has that gravely quality to his vocals that is an extra little something for listeners of this song. I even like the Uh! Uh’s! David is famous for being peppered in through the ending of the song. I feel like his vocals are far more angry than Reznor’s original vocals were. Another thing I noticed about this cover is the music. While it’s a pretty straight forward cover with out any real noticeable changes in the arrangement the music is a lot more present in this version than the original. I’m not sure that this is a detraction from the playability of this song by any means. I think it was just a good way for Device to take this cover and morph it slightly into a cover with their own flavor. As far as the music, the guitar work is solid and on fire! It’s got a grungy quality to it that moves this track from industrial metal to heavy metal. The drums and bass worked in concert to keep this fast paced track moving forward.

NIN’s original is heavily steeped in industrial metal goodness. In truth this is probably one of my favorite industrial metal track of the era. There is the pulse racing pace of this song that get’s your blood pumping. It’s almost impossible to move that head while listening to it. Reznor’s put something really special together for fans of the genre with this track. This song is like a marathon for all players, I can’t imagine having to try to play this live. Reznor’s vocals come across in a frenzied, desperate plea. Not in a sad way as much as a pissed off, emotionally dark way. The movement of the music from soft to screaming in your ears is perfectly executed. I feel like the crunchy guitar being thrown in your face in such a staccato manor keeps you interested during the song. Then, there is something about that ticking drum in background that gives you a sense of urgency punctuated by the guitar and bass lines kicking in.

Overall I really love both of these versions. What is your favorite one, Device or Nine Inch Nails.

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