SouLost – The Way I Feel

Wow this song threw me right back to the 80’s! My first thought was this sounds kinda like T’Pau from back in the day, well if that band had balls that is. I gotta give it to the vocalist though, this chick is able to pull off angry like a freaking pro! I love her singing voice, so clean and clear but I’m not quite as big a fan of the rap style vocals. The music is awesome! I love the always on style of the drums, once they kick in they kick your ass. There were some other really interesting (good) sound effects through the song. The guitar line matches the tone of the vocals perfectly. They were made to go together!

I listened to this song twice and it got better for me the second time. I still stumbled a bit over the rapish versus but that chorus just kills. I can’t decide where I would put this on a playlist. There are so many elements that are mashed up in this song. It’s got a touch of Nu Metal, 80’s pop and some grunge.  I could see it working with some of the From Ashes to New stuff as well as Alanis back in her angry days. I think I’ll leave this one to you guys. What would you match up with this song on a playlist?


Who They Are:
SouLost are an alternative rock band from London UK.
Starting as a trio in late 2013, Stef, Ceira & Law have brought their different personalities into the studio and developed a fresh and unique sound which draws influences from modern rock and electronica.
Their first single ‘The Way I Feel, Pt. 1” was released on February 1st 2014 and had the main track “Save Me’ featured on several radio shows such as the “Best of British Unsigned” and the “Amazing Rock Show” on AMAZING RADIO.
In 2014, joined by bassist Lux, the band went back in the studio to work on some new material.
‘The Way I Feel, Pt. 2’ was released on September 1st 2014, along with a videoclip for ‘Without Me’.
Critics said :
“SouLost is an emerging band with a fanbase that is growing fast” RebelRebel MusicMag
“Exciting up & coming band” Gigslutz
“SouLost excel in everything that’s needed in the showbiz…an excellent band that will probably be part of the mainstream in a not-so-distant future.” The Headbanging Moose
“When it comes to SouLost I like the name, I like the image and I like the sound!” Heavy Metal Time Machine
“The London based band SouLost bring a mix of synths, heavy guitars and sweet vocals that left me confused, but pleased.” Metal Temple
“This is the best thing that a young band can deliver, just awesome and they deserve to get a big audience!” Peek a Boo
“The band boast an impressive vocal, good riffs…in short, a quality package.” SupaJam

The Band is:
Ceira, Vocals
Stef, Guitar / Synths
Law, Drums
Lux, Bass.





Where You Can Get It:

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