Thorazoo – Tempest

Who They Are: The philosophy of the band is to get the audience dancing. The style of the music is dance/funk, experimenting with such rhythms as hip-hop, salsa, house, drum and bass and techno, but with guitars in the mix, THORAZOO WILL FUNK N ROCK YOU !!

Why I Like Them: I can’t say I have a lot of listening experience with dance music, but this was just funky fun. The beats are working for me in that it’s making me wanna dance around the house. I can certainly see this track playing at a dance club or maybe a rave. I may not be a huge fan of dance music, but I will give this track it’s due. I think if you love dance/techno then your going to really enjoy this tune.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Because I’m not a big club/rave person probably not. While I do appreciate the time and engergy this group put into their music it’s honestly just not my style. But like I said, if your into house/tecno/dance you really will love this track so be sure to check it out.

The Band is:

Nigel Harrington singer/songwriter on piano, trumpet, mandolin and acoustic guitar
Javier Roderigo on congas and percussion
Steve Reese on guitar

Where You Can Buy It:

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