Army On The Dance Floor – Lightning Strike

It took me a minute to wrap my head around this song. It’s got this really steady back beat that is quite relentless. I wouldn’t call this song a rapid pace peace as much as I would just a always on, steady pace. It’s got an odd almost ethereal quality about it. It might be that beat or it could be the amazing high soprano voice. I couldn’t peg if we are dealing with two vocalist or one with a lot of range. Either way the final result is a mid range almost chant that is complimented by the high soprano. They work so well together! I keep thinking this song really needs to be in a horror movie soundtrack. What a stage that would set!

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Probably not. But not because the song wasn’t good. Just not my type of music. I just don’t really listen to a lot of electronic/dance music. I do have a lot of friends that I can’t wait to turn this song over to. I know they are going to love it and want to hear more. If you are a fan of electronic/dance music you have to check this band out.


Who They Are: drummer (Combichrist & Nitzer Ebb) in 2009 and hunkered down in her studio to focus on her first instrument, the keyboard, and to start work on a solo project. She developed an unhealthy fascination with synthesizers and sound design. Then she joined forces with long-time pals Thessa M’loe (backup vocals, keys) and Jason Seger (drums) to form Army On The Dance Floor.

The Band is:

Thessa M’Loe
Kourtney Klein
Jason Seger

Where You Can Buy It:

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