Sabrina Signs – Even if you’re crazy

This is a really sweet up beat tempo song. The vocalist has a really nice innocence to her voice that I think underscores the honesty of the song she is singing. This song doesn’t show off a really high register but I don’t think that’s necessary for this type of music. I think instead it’s more important to have that story and a beat you can dance to. If I had any complaints in this song then it would be that the lyrics weren’t as energetic as the music. I would love to see this track striped down and done as an acoustic song.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I know this is a dance track but I know several people I intent to share this song with for weddings. I’m not a particular fan of dance music but I can appreciate a good voice in any song. With that in mind I would go out and check out more of her stuff to see if there was some thing that really resonates with me.


Who They Are:
Now on Pandora and Spotify – Hitting the EDM scene hard, Sabrina’s background is quite diverse. She decided to be a recording artist early recording her cover of “Tainted Love” at 11, she has also wrote and co-produced “Halfway 2 Neptune” with GHouse by the time she was 12. Life threw curve balls to Sabrina the family finding themselves part of the great recession of 2009 Sabrina was homeless. Sabrina’s spirit only grew from the experience. In 2010 she was able to get back into a studio and recorded “Homeless” and a touching song to lighten the heart of her little brother called “Hey Anthony”. Sabrina continued to follow her heart in music, exploring all genres of music. In addition to being a teen advocate for the Homeless, Sabrina is also passionate about Teen Domestic Violence, having been a victim she wrote the song “Victim of Love”. By the time 2011 rolled by Sabrina had an album called “Phases” illustrating the growth and depth of this young lady.

The Band is:

Sabrina Signs

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