AWAAPP – Need Your Love


Wow, this really takes me back! The whole vibe of this track is a psychedelic trip. It makes me think a great deal of bands like Floyd.  It has that experimental style to it that is most commonly associated with Dark Side of the Mon. I love the guitar work. It’s not really showy and yet this guy doesn’t let you miss that he is really damn good with his instrument. The vocals are mostly resting lazily in the background and possibly filtered. In this particular song I don’g have issue with that. I makes the vocals more of an instrument then a “voice”. It really enhances the experimental vibe a lot. The drum line is very simple but provides a strong back bone for the track on the overall.

Though I’m not a huge fan of Floyd, I gotta say I found this piece to be rather attractive. I can’t really put my finger on what I liked about it, just that I did. I would match this track up with some Floyd (obviously) and some of the more experimental Beatles music. Most likely when relaxing with some cocktails and herb. I don’t see it going on my phone, but certainly on my server for future entertainment.


Who They Are:

Where to begin…ah the beginning! I was in numerous bands in my younger years playing in some rather strange places. I enjoy writing and playing but recording has always been my passion. Later on, I set my sights to recording my own material and others which now includes Sherri Lyn Robbins, a wonderful dear friend of mine for some years now.

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