Ghost Against Ghost – Blue Atoms

Is it just me or does this song belong in the next Heavy Metal movie? I’m thinking kinda like Pantera’s ‘Planet Caravan’ type scene. The song has a very epic feel to with a good amount of floaty spaces. It’s not really ambient music at least I didn’t think of it as so. The music is very mellow and the vocals seem to float in the background to an extent. I like that, because it’s making my brain quiet so I can take it all in. There are some good rises and falls to the piece, keeps you interested and invested in the song. Sounds like there is a male and female vocalist at work here that creates a lovely layered sound that you could wrap up in. Like a blanket of soothing sounds. It does pick up about midway though with some heavier musical styles and a bit of a chaotic feel. That part isn’t so much ‘Planet Caravan’ but maybe some Type O Negative style music.

I’m surprised I like this piece as much as I do. Usually I prefer much more upbeat tracks but this has that floaty quality that I love so much and possibly a sax as well. The swells are absolutely beautiful. There is a bit of time where things get almost chaotic which just served to make me like it all the more. I kept having one album that was repeating in my head as far as a playlist. Does anyone else remember the ‘Lost Boys’ soundtrack? There were several songs that I think I could pair with this one and just float away.


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Ghost Against Ghost=GAG=Dark+Romantic=Post-Electrons||Rock<Music={Noise}

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