Now is in Effect – Echelon Fracture

If you dig on serious guitar work then stop what you’re doing right now and take a listen to this track. The guitar works is pretty damn stellar. There is a lot of movement going on with the line. It also sports a smooth background drum line as well. However the drum line is pretty secondary to what is happening with that guitar. There are parts of the track that have me thinking of Primus. The track really picks up the pace about mid track and that kicks some serious ass. It’s an instrumental piece so there is no singing or songwriting to talk about.

For being an instrumental piece I gotta say I’m quite taken with it. There is some good percussion work in it but it’s all about that guitar. It’s a really long song, coming in at just under 11 minutes which for me is a bit much. I grooved on some of the experimental aspects of the song, though parts of it felt a little disjointed. That can probably be chalked up to the length of the song and its experimental nature. While I did like it I can’t say where I would stick it on a playlist because I just don’t really have anything that would work well with it. My initial thought would be to grab some Zappa.


Who They Are:
With its integration of shrieking atonal guitar playing and relentless mind melting rhythms Now Is In Effect is here to awaken you to a new kind of music; one that is progressive and deeply challenging.

The Band is:
Dan Potter- guitar, bass, drum machine, keyboards and sampler.




Where You Can Get It:

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