Jason Manns – Vision

While not my normal fair I gotta say I like this song. Jason’s voice is extraordinary, seriously. He has this wonderful range that allows him to hit some fairly high notes with out going into his falsetto voice. He’s rocking a pretty sweet voice and I mean as in sugar sweet. I gotta admit I would get a little blush going on in the cheek area if he was singing this song to me. There is some thing about this song that makes me think of some old classic songs that I still can’t get enough of. It has moments of prog country that scream Kansas, Poco and even some Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.  I think it’s the guitar style of the track. I can’t explain it any better than that.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I knew I had to review this song because I’ve heard a snippet of it before. This song makes an appearance in the TV show Supernatural Season 4 Episode 1 I believe. If your a fan of the show you probably already know all this, so I’ll move on. I have a couple of country/pop crossover type lists that I would gladly throw this song on. The vocal and guitar work really caught my attention so I will be checking out more of this guys work.


Who They Are: Since releasing his debut album in 2006, Jason has been working hard to find his niche in the music industry. This self-titled album rose to the top of CdBaby.com’s best seller list in its first week and has returned multiple times. In April of 2010 Jason released his second studio album titled Soul and he is currently working on recording his next studio album.

The Band is:
Jason Manns

Website: Jason Manns

Twitter:  @jasonmanns

Youtube: Jason Manns Playlist

Where You Can Buy It:

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