Nate Maingard – Barefoot Romance

Is it just me or does Nate remind you ever so slightly of Dylan? It’s absolutely beautiful! Between the vocal style and the guitar work I don’t know what I’m more taken with. His vocal styling is so clean and clear with this warm and inviting tone. This is another awesome folk style song that just takes my breath away. I can understand why Nate has the following he does. He has a brilliant command of his voice with the ability to display strength and vulnerability in the same breath. I wanna go back to the guitar work for just a minute because while it’s not blazing a trail as the fastest guitar playing in the west it is perfectly timed and preformed. What really shocked me was discovering at the end that this is a live track.

I couldn’t believe that this was live! No one sounds that good in a live venue. Well clearly that isn’t true and Nate Maingard reminds us of that with this track. Honestly I want this track every where. I have a couple of friends planning to get married and they’ve asked me to help come up with their wedding soundtrack and this is going to be what I have them do their first dance to. As far as a playlist is concerned I would actually pair this with a song I just reviewed by Rob Klerkx & The Secret called ‘Carry My Love’. I would also add some Dylan for an old school flavor and some Mumford and Son.


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I’m a simple man who feels a lot about the world. I write about that in my songs. I’m an unintentional philosopher, a hopeful romantic, a modern troubadour. I think deeply about the world around me and tell the stories which resonate with me. I hope you enjoy the stories I bring and I wish you much joy in the listening.

I’m from South Africa, now living in London and soon to be nomadic for a while.

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