Rob Klerkx & The Secret – Carry My Love

There is something about this song that really makes me think of the Cure back in the day maybe with a dash of REM. Then I get just a bit of Mumford and Son when thinking about the vocal styles. I gotta say I love this track a lot. Lyrically this is the kind of song I love to sing along to. It’s got a great story line and the delivery is spot on. The musical composition is 100% equal to the vocals (which I seriously do love). The song maintains a nice upbeat temp, but it’s not one you’re going to be dancing to at the club. There is a brilliance to the guitar work.  There is a section in the middleish part of the song where you get to hear some tight guitar riffs. The drum work goes toe to toe with both the vocals and guitar making for a perfect backbone for this song.

I don’t think there is any thing about this song that I didn’t like. I want to download this track and put it on a list with my Decemberists and Mumford. I may even throw some old school REM on there just to fill it out a bit. I’m really exicted about this band and I think everyone should be watching them with a keen eye. It’s a bit folksy, popish and just all around fun to listen to.


Who They Are:

Rob studied drums and percussion at the Rotterdam Conservatory and drums after his move to Amsterdam in the bands Brian , The KGB, Cruiser, Bacon , Hero Face, The Jack Stafford Foundation and Supersub . Through Supersub he enters the successful Britpop band Moke . From 2004, he also acts solo with his own compositions , later assisted by Jaromir Fernig (guitar) and Gusta Gelijns (vocals , effects). This cooperation results in 2006, the seven -track EP New Roads . In mid-2009 consists Klerkx Rob & The Secret next Klerkx and Fernig from guitarists Paulusma (ex Daryll-Ann ) and Theo Sieben (ex Mist) . Klerkx also plays also in the bands Paulusma and Tora Bora. Klerkx & The Secret signed in September 2009 a contract with [ PIAS] where in early 2011 appears on the album Undertones . At the plate , the band explores the boundaries between mainstream and experimental. At the most recent album Final Desire focuses on a full rock sound and influences from music of the nineties and artists like Ryan Adams , Wilco, Mark Lanegan , Johnny Cash, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains . Meanwhile, we are working on a new album which will be released in autumn 2013 .





Where You Can Get It:

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