Roblea Music – 15 Martin 3111

Ok, this is a pretty funky jam. There’s a lot going on musically with the beats and sound effects, it certainly feels like a party in a song. This song is sans vocals so there really isn’t much to say there. The groove really grows on you as the song moves along. All the different sounds all coming together to create one cohesive track. I find that totally fascinating to be honest. I’m setting here tapping my toes as I write this review. At first I wasn’t sure what I would say I always seem to be at some what of a loss when listening to instrumentals. However I found this to be rather refreshing. The lack of lyrics allowed me to really concentrate on the music which was fun. There is some much here to listen to.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I’m honestly not sure. I enjoyed the track but I’m not sure that it’s some thing I will seek more of. I find myself missing vocals, though I know not every song needs them. And while I do find the music compelling I don’t have any playlists that this would be a fit on. All that being said, for folks who aren’t as persnickety as I am, listen to the jam. I’m certainly not the be all end all of musical opinions and your results may certainly vary.


Who They Are: Robert Leach, is a graduate, of Stuyvesant H.S. And, he attended C.C.N.Y., majoring in music, as well as studying at Jazzmobile in Harlem. He also studied saxophone privately, with jazz legend, Jimmy Heath. He was able, to hone his skills, working in local R&B bands, that worked the various clubs, and discos, in the New York City area. From there, Mr. Leach toured, worked, and or recorded for such artists as, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Clifford Jordan, The Moments of Truth, Billy Jones, Vinzee, Lester Chambers of the Chambers Brothers, Denroy Morgan, Odyssey, Roy Ayers, Touch, Hidden Strength, Jolina, Unique, Gwen McRae, Doug E. Fresh, Father MC, Cooly Live, Smoothe Da Hustler/Nexx Level Productions, Misdemeanor (a female rock group), Abdullah Ibrahim, the Larry Joseph Project, The Tylon Washington Project, to name a few. Mr. Leach, was also was part, of doing the music, for a cartoon, for Bad Cat Records. Mr. Leach, also produced demos, for Underground Artists, trying to get deals. His work, took him, into almost every major, and small, studio, in the New York City area, as well as a few, out of state. Roblea Music, literally has, over five thousand tracks available, from Hip-Hop/R&B, Dance/House, Funk, Dancehall, Drum N’ Bass, as well as some Soca/Calypso, and Reggae Music. He’s also good at doing, cinematic/thematic music, as well. I have four albums out, “Phat Grooves”, “Phat Grooves, the Next Edition”, and “Groove Properties”, and “Finding A Way”, available at these eMusic stores: iTunes,, Rhapsody, IMVU, LimeWire Store, Yahoo Music, eMusic, MySpace Music, Thumbplay. Is now available, at the MediaNet, Spotify, and Nokia Music Stores!!! “Hip Hop Rap 973”, from the “Phat Grooves” album, by Roblea Music/robert Leach, is playing on, the internet radio station!!! The new album, “Finding A Way”, is now available!!!!!

The Band is:

Robert Leach

Website: Roblea Music

Twitter: @robleamusic

Youtube: Roblea Music/robert Leach

Where You Can Buy It:

itunes-logo[1] spotify

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